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I came across a post of a lady who was allegedly scammed by a Nigerian con artist. According to her, the said person, 23 years old, caught her right after being diagnosed with cancer in 2014 and waited till she was in her 4th month of chemo and then worked to profit from her condition. The lady sought the help of the public in getting justice and getting her money back.

The comments I witnessed under the said post shared on instagram, I was bamboozled!! Most Nigerians actually applauded the guy, saying he's sharp, he's smart, she deserved it, why would she date a younger man, etc etc. Someone even said "she has cancer and so what, who she epp?"

First of all, this person freaking has cancer! CANCER! Do they know the pain incurred on her financially, physically and emotionally? How do you justify taking advantage of a sick person? It felt like almost everyone had lost their consciences right there.

Someone said they won't tell on their fellow Nigerian brother for being good at what he does especially since the economy of the country is sinking. So in other words, it's okay for us to sell our souls to the devil and do everything wrong because we're trying to make that paper?

A lot of people have fallen prey to con artists and the so called 419 beings in Nigeria, no wonder the first impression the outside world always has about us is rather a sorry one. Some would say those that get scammed are the foolish ones after all no one held a gun to their heads before they gave their money! Really? Would they do the same to their family? Well some may though after all, this is Nigeria.

There is no way we as a country can move forward and be great if the citizens approve things as illicit as 419/con artists. You come at our leaders and scream at the amount of money most of them siphon for their benefits, yet you do the exact same thing or worse and taint the image of the country even more. It is rather pathetic that anyone would justify this guy's actions or any body that's into this shitty business. Supporting fraudulent and criminal acts based on either bias or racist ideologies only goes to show our generation and the one after us is in serious trouble.

Realize that what is wrong is wrong! You can't be right by doing wrong. Endorsing the defrauding of a dying woman is totally ignorant and saying it serves her right because she's white is even sad this is where we are now. You can't say change should begin with the government, I mean you don't build anything from the top to the foundation. You start from the very root. The corrupt leaders were not born that way. They probably started the same way as these fraudsters. The change should begin with the man in the mirror. We should be the change we seek.

Whether or not this story is true, please let's stop with the double standards and bias. Let's speak the truth. People don't understand fraudsters don't only scam but kill people; Yes! they are murderers. How can you take advantage of someone who is sick or elderly and you know would be vulnerable and looking for the tiniest bit of love, affection and support, not minding the aftermath? Do you know most of these victims die eventually even in the process of recovering after the damages caused?

For those that would keep supporting scam artists either because you're one of them or probably because you're dating one; or may be you think the victims deserve it...whatever your reasons, remember that there is no peace for the wicked. Some will be caught and blame it on the devil that was sitting jejely on his own in his hell domain, some might not; but there is always a price to pay and the perpetrators would pay to the fullest (dead or alive).

Pray for Change....and be that change, not the one raising dust. Let's try and get back the sense of what is right and wrong. I believe our generation is not totally lost and I still believe we can do better....SO DO BETTER!!

I think I've said too much already yes? So I'd leave the rest to you guys. Have a fabulous week ahead, may your days be merry and even when there's a dark cloud, may you persevere and come out stronger.

REMEMBER, BE BETTER! DO RIGHT BY OTHERS. YOUR HONORABLE HANDWORK WOULD PAY OFF ONE DAY. God bless Nigeria and its citizens especially its youths

Always yours truly,


  1. The truth is that those who are always in support of 419/cons artist are cons themselves. Show me your friends and I will tell who you are. I mean how can you dupe a sick person if not that something is wrong with that fellow. He himself is sick upstairs.


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