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(I know I know, that’s not how the saying goes, lol)

Hello Krystals! So I was wondering, when last did any of us go for a comprehensive medical checkup just to know how our body is doing? Anyone? I’m equally guilty of this *sigh*

We treat our bodies like a machine that runs day-in day-out forgetting that even machines need oiling and servicing lest they breakdown. We have this culture of waiting till things get extremely bad before we take action or find the most convenient shortcut especially when it comes to health. We notice a consistent headache and brush it off. One may have Typhoid but would never know because he/she keeps thinking it’s just headache and proceeds to swallow paracetamol everyday.

What happened to the phrase ‘a stitch in time saves nine?’ Statistics shows that the greatest cause of mortality in diseased patients is late detection. Besides the case of detection, we have those who live on ‘patchwork’. The people that fall under this category are aware of the problem but would rather rush to the clinic or pharmacy for sharp-sharp treatment than devote time and money for proper investigation. Such people don’t even complete their medications, once the symptoms subside, to your tents oh Israel. Such people always opt for the cheapest drugs not that they can’t afford the alternatives, but they just place little value to their health.
I know most of us wonder why there will be ₦100 antibiotic then the pharmacists advises us to take the ₦1000 antibiotic. It cuts across to most people as just business, all about making profit but that is very far from the truth. They keep asking don’t they have the same function? Are you saying the cheaper one is fake?

To give a straightforward answer to these questions would require a standup lecture on Biopharmaceutics, but using more relatable commodities let’s say Jordana foundation vs MAC foundation for ladies, then Chelsea Dry Gin vs Hennessy for men. Do you see where I’m coming from?

For drugs it is even more delicate. I’m not saying that price is directly proportional to quality nor that the ₦100 antibiotic is fake or ineffective, but that there is an extra value added to the ₦1000 antibiotic which justifies its price. These added values go a long way to improve the efficacy, potency and reduce side effects of these drugs. At the end of the day, both will take you where you are going to, but the manner, style and condition with which you get your desired effect is what matters.
That is why you come across some medicines that work faster than others, medicines their effects lasts longer than others, medicines with minimal side effects than others, medicines that taste better than others especially suspensions/syrups for children.

Someone will say ‘ordinary taste’ forgetting that adherence is a very important factor of drug therapy. And for kids, once its bitter forget it, administering that drug will be an uphill task. The extra mile which these pharmaceutical companies go to make all these possible, contributes to the production price.

I could go on and on with unending examples to push this point that people usually pay no attention to health as much as they do other things. I bet you would never go have lunch at a mama-put joint where flies will be dragging your food with you and the cook is down with a serious catarrh, sneezing and sniffing if you can afford a more decent place no matter how hungry you are. I bet we ladies take our time to analyze every make-up product we get, will it cause breakouts, how long does it last, is it oil-free? Etc.

Oh and then ye men, the way you are always skeptical about who barbs your hair as if its surgery they’ll be performing on the hair and beards lol, even with the mechanics that service your cars. If we could put as much effort towards our health, go for medical check-ups regularly, seek medical advice for the slightest symptoms, and don’t be stingy towards medical treatment for this body that has been functioning non-stop from conception, not for second has it taken a break, gone for a vacation nor taken a nap. It needs the best care, proper servicing and deserves all the money you can spend on it.

Good Health is not cheap, if you have it? You are RICH? We all know that money can never buy life, but as humans it is our obligation to do everything we possibly can to secure it.

Remembering the case of Mayowa (God rest her soul), the way her family and supporters did everything within their power to save her is the attitude with which we should tackle every health challenge. To someone else it might be cancer to you it might be a simple headache or common cold. No matter the situation we should strive to get the best medical help and not be stingy about it because HEALTH IS WEALTH! A verse from my favorite book of the bible says; It is better to be poor, but strong and healthy, than to be rich, but in poor health.