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Justin Bieber threatened to go private if his fans Beliebers don't stop hating on Sofia Richie

Bieber fans got mad at their pop god and even began unfollowing him on social media, accusing him of choosing Sofia over them having stuck with him over the years. They claim Bieber treats them unfairly, from canceling meet and greets to not taking pictures and now this particular threat "just because" they don't agree with his choice of "friends".

After all the hateful slurs and name calling by his fans on pictures he posted on instagram of him and Sofia, he posted one with the caption "I'm gonna make my instagram private if you guys don't stop the hate. This is getting out of hands, if you guys are really fans, you won't be so mean to people I like"

The hashtag #RIPbeliebers has been trending since early hours of Sunday morning as fans pour out their hearts on twitter, reminiscing how good they had it before with the "Sorry" crooner...

Lol! People have time though😩😩