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Okay so for those of you that don't already know, my health's been kinda under the weather for the past few weeks. Yea it's been some crazy period for me.

Alright, last two weeks, I did a chest x-ray following some chest aches and then took the results to the doctor. Boy! Her reaction tripped me. First she said the chest was clear. Then looked at the lungs, looked at me and was like "go to 'heart 2 heart' and do HIV test.

See ehn, I don't like this type of thing in my life. I mean I've done routine HIV tests even as a student pharmacist, so like if I was just doing it like I just wanted do it normally, no shaking. But how many of you have been really really ill and all of a sudden, Uncle or Aunty doctor tells you to do HIV test sharp sharp? You didn't piss your pant small? You didn't wonder if you did something you're not supposed to do maybe by mistake (Lmao, maybe inside dream). heart was doing tum tum gbim gbim. I started recalling all the people I encountered while at the ARV (antiretroviral) unit. I was checking if needle accidentally pricked me while attending to anyone, even thought about all the places I've made my hair, or the spa I visited, etc etc. I began to think how my life would be if unfortunately the result was positive. I was like "wetin this doctor see so for the lungs ni?"

Chei, the prayer I kabashed was not here oh. "The devil is a liar. Devil you have failed oh. Father I surrender myself to you. I know this is just one expensive joke they're trying to pull here. Africa magic cannot come and do me naw." Lwkmdh! I didn't even know I could quote bible passages like that.

Omoh mehn we did the test finally oh. And yep, it was negative. Praise Master Jesus. Ah ah, I for talk naw, HIV na winsh? (I now had mouth to talk). The doctor then said "Oh thank God, good I can attend to you now". Kai! The look I gave her...stared like a zillion daggers at her. The slap I wanted to issue her with alacrity, it probably would her given her amnesia. Are you freaking kidding me? I had to ask oh, why did you make me do this test so suddenly? If you said it before you looked at my x-ray, I'd have felt it's just formalities. She then said that's how they do it...that it was to be safe before anything. And it's not like anything was really wrong with the lungs (except for some little signs of pneumonia).

Sigh! But anyways, the whole thing made me ponder a bit. If somehow the result read positive, would I have killed myself? Truth is before the result was out, I said if it's HIV I'd walk to the road and stand for any car to just hit me man. But seriously, as a health care giver that I am, I know HIV is not a death sentence. It's actually not the worst thing that could happen to you. Like I meet a lot of them everyday....first time I thought the whole of Abuja just got infected. However most of them have had it for decades, are married and have kids and grand kids. The thing that kills most HIV patients is usually the fear...even before they get to deal with the disease. And that was exactly what I had.....I was already killing myself slowly; psychologically. Giving myself unnecessary high blood pressure.

Anyways, good news is I'm feeling much better this week, and I pray to God to keep us all in good health of mind, body and soul. We gats reap the fruits of our labor abi?

Be thankful always my loves, in sickness and in health. And no dey fear anyhow too (and be careful, the culprits know what I mean *wink wink*). And remember to always be sure of your status ( I was sure until my doctor's reaction though *straight face*). Hehe! Much love darlings.

Until next time, it's Krystal baby ;)

Chat/leave a thought or your own experience if you've had one in the comment section ei? Let's laugh at ourselves, LOL.


  1. Lol! I know I've been there too many times. But your experience is hilarious

    1. Lmao! It's now it's funny na. To say it was positive we for dey laugh?

  2. Lmao...omoh leave talk o, I know u a professional, but Hiv no be joke o. Imagine the shock u got just thinking u had it, if u now had it nko(hahaha)����������
    Anyways like u said it's not a death sentence. U can still do all u wanna with extra caution.

    1. My dear I can't shout. I'm very much thankful. And indeed we should all be extra cautious

  3. Lol, I can imagine the tension in the doctors office.

    1. Even electric high tension pole no reach am!!

  4. That Dr sef!!! What kinda demonic stunt did she pull?!?!? Anyways, glad you're fine��

    1. Demonic stunt no be smallπŸ˜‚πŸ€•. Thanks love

  5. HIV test. I felt even worse dan u did. I had 2 call my rev fr. to let him knw how scared I was. He laughed n told me am fine dat i've got nothing 2 worry abt. 2days later I got d results n I had 2 celebrate with my frnds without even letting dem knw d reason.

    1. Dead! Hahahaha. Your own bad ohπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Oh my days. I'm happy for you oh uncle