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Usain Bolt continued his party-fest in London last night, where he partied at Libertine nightclub with a throng of girls.
The Jamaican sprinter headed to Mayfair restaurant with the three beauties, before hitting the club and then jumping in a taxi back to his hotel at 5am.The women, snapped in the back of a separate taxi to Bolt.

According to reports the star splashed £6,000 at Tape nightclub,before sexy dancing with a model.
An onlooker told The Sun:

 "Usain couldn't take his eyes off her. He grabbed her as soon as he could and they started grinding and twerking against one another.At one point their dancing was that graphic it looked as though they were simulating sex."
Usain was later spotted heading back to his hotel at around 4am with a string of ladies.

He got into a taxi alongside a boob-flashing mystery lady at the end of the night and even took a snap of the paparazzi who surrounded their vehicle.

One 25-year-old, from Peckham, South East London told The Sun:
 "He didn't want the party to end so he took us back to his hotel.
"At the club he got up and started rapping. I think he was just joking around because he knew the DJ.
"At the end of the night a friend of ours said that he was having an after-party so we all just jumped in the taxi. There were lots of women in the cab," they added.

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