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Usain Bolt Cheats On Girlfriend of Two Years, With Brazilian escort

Jamaican Sprinter USAIN BOLT is not only making news as the fastest man alive but also as a Cheater!! Brazilian media leaked pics of Usain appearing to be in bed with a Brazilian student. And unauthenticated text messages suggest that the woman may have worked as an escort.

Recall reports surfaced last week that Usain and his girlfriend, 30-year-old Jamaican beauty Kasi Bennett (top left picture) were considering marriage. But this recent scandal may have just foiled the couple’s plans.

The Brazilian woman caught with Usain, who goes by the name Jadi claims that she met Usain in a club, and the two – “went on a date.”

Sigh...Why must there be one comma and fullstop with a man we thought was almost perfect