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To some people, heartbreaks and been treated wrong is like a normal life pattern. Yea...many are used to being hurt that they tend not to want anything better. Let me explain.

Now let's use this short story to approach the issue at hand:
A certain young lady, quite beautiful, has had her fair share of bad relationships. Like if you can think of the worst scenarios in a relationship, she's probably been through them all. And it was like the cycle kept repeating itself over and over and over again. When each relationship ended, it'd feel like "yet another one bites the dust". Her love life had been one quite sad one, until someone incredible came to break that cycle of pain and distrust. She had never really known true love like that, it overwhelmed her sometimes. Now here's the messy part.....she sometimes ached to be treated the same way she was in previous relationships. Yea, she kept saying the current guy couldn't be that perfect, he had to have some form of demons in him. She had not been abused verbally or emotionally, he never really yelled at her and even when he would, he'd apologize almost immediately. She'd have dreams of him doing to her what the others had done, reliving each episode every time.

Truth is she was in bondage. Even though she wanted to be loved and treated better, she had lost the ideation of what true love really looked like. She only knew being the "foot mat" so to say, in a relationship. She had gotten accustomed to being a non issue, invincible, not mattering to anybody. A lot of people are in this predicament presently. They have a false mirage of Love, no thanks to the demons that first walked in and out of their lives. This has affected their relationships so much that they can't reciprocate true love and identify something meant to be. They become distant,  act hostile and try to be who they ex's were. They'd assume that role and be the awful human in their relationship. Like they just don't know how to love right anymore. It takes the grace of the Almighty and the strength of a genuine lover for them to find their way back.

If you're in this situation, I'd advice you seek help. Help from God first. Ask him to show you true love and help you love indeed. He's the realest and most genuine lover you can ever have. After that talk with someone....a therapist, a friend you can confine in; don't bottle up all those horrid emotions inside. They can only begin to destroy you poco-a-poco. You'd end up losing the best thing to have happened to you ever. Talk to your partner too, if you can and if he's the real deal. Let God and people that care about you help you. Allow yourself be helped. Pray for grace and embrace love in its right form.

Hope I helped someone today. So much love to you and yours. Have a very fruitful week and may God's grace be with you.

Please do share your thoughts in the comment section. I'd love to hear from you. Till the next post, talk with your girl, Krystal ;)


  1. I am willing to bet that the young lady in question is the author of her own heartbreak story.
    Too often folks enter relationships not to be in one but to be seen in one. They wind up making foolish decisions, like going after the exact same characteristics that proved false.

    Now, as you say, she is in bondage, or from a secular point of view, she refuses accept her role, forgive herself and her past loves and insists on self sabotage.

    1. Indeed Ben. People like her have their psyches messed up. But with help from loved ones they'd be ai


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