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Native outfits are just to die for. Let's see what we have for today

Kicking off today's series is one half of the dynamic duo, Peter Okoye. This nicely tailored caftan caught our eyes and of course it had to be featured. The embroidery detail is simply top notch and just perfects the can never go wrong with red and black can you? The black hat is definitely the frosting on the cake.

Next up is this simple but yet classy jumpsuit.  Worn by Nwokocha Adaeze (@ms_emmason on intagram) the design of the Ankara suits her tone. We indeed love this one don't we?

Ahah!! We love a girl who can slay a beautifully designed Ankara outfit with well matched accessories. Rocking this one is Ugochukwu Ntima (@miss_daehila on instagram). Designed by @fabmizjay, there's absolutely everything to love about it; from the high knee slit to the pleats on the blouse and the green embroidery detail on it.......All we can say is a job well done with a really good material.



Hey lovers, how's it going? Without much ado, let's get down to the matter today Yea I got this email five days ago. See the snippet below I prefer to keep her anonymous for safety/privacy reasons. I kept saying I was gon' reply soon on the blog but my gosh I've been caught up with a lot. Do pardon me for taking this long. When I read this email I laughed so hard because I have been in this particular situation. So I won't even waste time. Girlfriend, carry your man and keep him far away from her as possible; don't even allow them interact like that. Hi-hello is more than enough. Let me gist you my fact I was a small mumu (if not big) that year. I had this very close friend while I was dating one time. She did like my man at the time. I kept seeing the signs but decided to ignore and assumed the both of them were being friendly. I'd travel and friends would keep calling that things were happening back home. Yet I felt it's just normal…

Music: Reggie Ft TenaTenpo - Oliver

Exceptional rapper/songwriter  Reggie aka Sabi Boy hails from Edo State and fell in love with music at the tender age of 10.

After giving back to back hit tracks "BAD GIRL" "MAAME" and the most recent "Sabi Boy '', Reggie is back this time to serve us another spicy hot single from his soon-to-be-released “City Of Gold” to quench our appetite for good music. This groovy record titled "OLIVER" features TENA TENPO who comes through with a sultry Hook.

Produced by DJ ROMZY and centered on ladies who make you want more, on this  song  Sabi Boy this tune is one that resonates well with all moods; adorned with catchy lyrics and a new bounce that would definitely keep you amped up and wanting more. Enjoy!
Download: Reggie ft. Tenatempo - Oliver

Upcoming Artist Reggie Set To Blow Minds with New Song, Oliver

Upcoming Nigerian Artiste , Reggie (Real Name Amen Omoregie Osamudiamen) who hails from Edo State fell in love with music at the tender age of 10.

He started rapping at the age of 16 and getting influenced by the music of so many reigning hip hip moguls. Developing a genuine love for music, he began to groom his talent. He's the personality, brain and voice behind the dope songs "BAD GIRL" "MAAME" and the most recent "Sabi Boy '' .

Sabi boy as  he is famously  called ,is here to serve us another spicy hot single from his soon-to-be-released “City Of Gold” to quench our appetite for good music.

REGGIE is set to unleash yet another groovy record titled "OLIVER" featuring TENA TENPO who comes through with a sultry Hook.

Produced by DJ ROMZY.
Centered on ladies who make u want more, on this  song  Sabi Boy  admits he is an Oliver Twist for the girls. This tune is one that resonates well with all moods; adorned with catchy lyrics and a new bo…

Vows...Traditional or Personal?

Hi guys, yeah I've come again. So I was going though some wedding videos online and I realised that the part of the ceremony that always seem to move everyone is during the exchange of vows.  I mean it's basically you promising in the presence of God and all your family and friends to love your spouse for the rest of your life.
     Personally, I'm an advocate for allowing the couple write their vows in their own words. That way they can convey their deepest feelings to each other. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the traditional "till death do us part" is not okay. It's perfectly fine. I just feel like you should be allowed to express yourself and say the words from your heart. But that is just my opinion, what do you think?
Please drop your comments.  Ciao!

Bridal Emergency Kit

Hi guys! I’m back again. So I know I mentioned a bridal emergency kit in my last post and I wanted to use this post to explain what I meant. This so called kit is basically a collection of things that might come in handy on the wedding day and is usually entrusted to the hands of the maid-of-honour.

These are some things I think should make it to your kit:
◦Aspirin or Paracetamol: in case of a headache ◦Water: stay hydrated ◦Straw: because you don’t want to ruin that lippie girl! ◦Energy bars: brides tend to forget to eat on their wedding day and we don’t want you passing out ◦Cash: just in case ◦Earring backs: you’ll be surprised at how often those tiny little demons get missing ◦Hair pins and hair bands ◦Mini sewing kits: accidents happen ◦Mirror, Perfume ◦Tampons: well….mother nature can be a meanie sometimes ◦Tissues….lots of tissues. Happy joyful tears ◦Hand Lotion: some people have dry skin ◦Make up: for touch ups ◦Q-tips: for that eyeliner that has refused to stay on fleek ◦Pho…


Over time, I've learned the importance of not settling for anything short of what one deserves, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. You would agree with me that most females have forgotten their worth and have conformed to being misused or abused in their relationships, probably for fear of being alone or never finding anyone better. I should know though after all I've been down that dark path. The earlier you realize that there's much more to you and that there are people willing to worship the floor you walk on and even bleed just to have you by their sides, the better.

So ladies, get in here because you need to know how awesome you are, enough not to waste your time on someone that's clearly out to do just that (waste your time I mean). You have to know when you should chuck those two fingers up, put em really high in his face and in Beyoncé's voice say out loud "Boy Bye"!!

Alright, so basically this post tells you very essential points…

Wedding Planning 101.....Now That You're Engaged

Hi Krystals! My name is Tutu and I’m new here…well not really. I’m so excited!!! Not just because I get to write on this amazing blog, but because I’m writing the wedding column. It’s a new column and I would love love love to get feedback from you. This is my first post and I hope you love it.

I thought I would write this post about wedding planning and all the fluff and stuff that comes with it because who doesn’t love weddings *insert girly scream here*. You’re engaged!!!! Congratulations. Now comes the hard work, planning your dream wedding. This post is basically a crash course in planning  a wedding (if you call this long thing a crash course sha)

Though it depends on the time frame you have to work with, this is a checklist of sorts for a 12-month time period. Here we go…
10 -12 months to D-Day
Work out your budget. This is very important, its the foundation for all the planning to come. Do you want a big society wedding or you want a low profile wedding with only close family …


Have you ever been so worried about your partner feeling the same way like you do? Do you get to feel like some thing is a bit off and you should probably begin to have a back up plan?

You know how people think these you're talking with someone about your love life and next thing you hear is "You're putting all your eggs in one basket. What if you get hurt, what if this or that happens, how would you recover? Etc etc"

Now most people expect you to have more than one person by the corner, so that in case it doesn't turn out ok with the main person you can easily recover. Hence the reason we see a lot of people saying "they have at least 3 boos...the main boo, the side piece and the backup. The side piece may serve the function of the backup as well.

Truthfully, I get why anyone would want to have plan B or C while building a supposed relationship....the fear of the unknown. I know that fear....the type that can cause insomnias and incredible over…

Skales Gets Dumped, Then Flaunts New Girlfriend To Spin Story Around.

Okay so the gist making waves is that Nigerian artist Skales dumped his very supportive now ex girlfriend Sarah aka "Sasay" for a new Ethiopian honey "Leyla Konjo"...Well my amebo no gri me so I did my own digging.

Skales was actually the Dumpee and not the dumper. Yes. As at last month, Skales had already been kicked to the curbs following allegations of cheating. According to my source, he had been living with this new chick in the U.S and would then return to Nigeria with packages for Sasay, thinking he was playing smart.

Unfortunately he got caught, how she got to find out I can't say. Anyways she announced her single status over a month ago, but of course, no1 would have noticed after all, she's not a 'celeb'.

So uncle Skales decided to release the picture of the Ethiopian broad in a bid to save face (I would have been shameful if popular blogs unlike mine had this headline yes?).  His ego was bruised and he even went as far as accus…