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Bridal Emergency Kit

Hi guys! I’m back again. So I know I mentioned a bridal emergency kit in my last post and I wanted to use this post to explain what I meant. This so called kit is basically a collection of things that might come in handy on the wedding day and is usually entrusted to the hands of the maid-of-honour.

These are some things I think should make it to your kit:

◦Aspirin or Paracetamol: in case of a headache
◦Water: stay hydrated
◦Straw: because you don’t want to ruin that lippie girl!
◦Energy bars: brides tend to forget to eat on their wedding day and we don’t want you passing out
◦Cash: just in case
◦Earring backs: you’ll be surprised at how often those tiny little demons get missing
◦Hair pins and hair bands
◦Mini sewing kits: accidents happen
◦Mirror, Perfume
◦Tampons: well….mother nature can be a meanie sometimes
◦Tissues….lots of tissues. Happy joyful tears
◦Hand Lotion: some people have dry skin
◦Make up: for touch ups
◦Q-tips: for that eyeliner that has refused to stay on fleek
◦Phone charger and Power Bank

That’s all folks! What would you add to your emergency kit? Drop your comments


  1. Hahaha this is so useful...Nice one!!!!

  2. There should be a hair brush/comb too....And extra pair of shoes...


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