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Have you ever been so worried about your partner feeling the same way like you do? Do you get to feel like some thing is a bit off and you should probably begin to have a back up plan?

You know how people think these you're talking with someone about your love life and next thing you hear is "You're putting all your eggs in one basket. What if you get hurt, what if this or that happens, how would you recover? Etc etc"

Now most people expect you to have more than one person by the corner, so that in case it doesn't turn out ok with the main person you can easily recover. Hence the reason we see a lot of people saying "they have at least 3 boos...the main boo, the side piece and the backup. The side piece may serve the function of the backup as well.

Truthfully, I get why anyone would want to have plan B or C while building a supposed relationship....the fear of the unknown. I know that fear....the type that can cause insomnias and incredible overthinking....I know how much one could worry whether or not the other party loves or still loves them just as much. However, the moment you begin to have plans or double date or keep other "boo applicants" around, that's when you design the failure of relationship.

Love can be tough, very tough. Having to bare your heart and decide to trust someone completely with it might just be the end of you emotionally....but that's love. Maybe they might feel greatly for you as well, may be not. But no matter what, you should trust that said love would wither whatever storm; now I'm not saying you won't be scared or wonder about what tomorrow holds for y'all, not at all. In fact if you're not the least bit troubled you're probably not totally in love. Nevertheless, don't go setting up a plan that makes it seem that you already know the relationship would fall. It may seem difficult especially with third parties telling you you're not being wise and that the very worst may happen soon. But it's quite easy with your love having no ill ulterior motive. Just love and pray for grace...and pray for your partner. Whatever happens, you know you did your best and you did right, so u'd definitely have your good karma and the other would....well he/she would get his reward sooner or later.

So, no extra baskets. Yes. Go all in. All eggs in one basket...believe those eggs would not crack before they're ready to hatch...and if they do, be happy you loved in all sincerity and completeness.

Lemme know your thoughts on this. It's just one person's opinion after all. Enjoy the holidays and the rest of your week

Yours truly, Krystal