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Hey lovers, how's it going? Without much ado, let's get down to the matter today
Yea I got this email five days ago. See the snippet below
I prefer to keep her anonymous for safety/privacy reasons. I kept saying I was gon' reply soon on the blog but my gosh I've been caught up with a lot. Do pardon me for taking this long.
When I read this email I laughed so hard because I have been in this particular situation. So I won't even waste time. Girlfriend, carry your man and keep him far away from her as possible; don't even allow them interact like that. Hi-hello is more than enough. Let me gist you my fact I was a small mumu (if not big) that year.
I had this very close friend while I was dating one time. She did like my man at the time. I kept seeing the signs but decided to ignore and assumed the both of them were being friendly. I'd travel and friends would keep calling that things were happening back home. Yet I felt it's just normal talk, that I should just trust my man and the fact that my supposed close friend won't try anything funny.
It wasn't long afterwards I paid this friend a visit in the hospital when she was ill yea? Then I got the shocker of my life. Here's what this sister told me "I've always loved (let's call him A) A. But I suppressed my feelings because I know you love him. And he loves me too. We've been fighting it for so long. But know that I sacrificed my feelings because of our friendship".
LOL! I paused. It felt like all these telemundo soap operas with the messy love triangles. Shit was crazy practically almost everyone who knew me already knew what was up. LOL! I even confronted the bobo then. Uncle said it's true he loved her (even though it didn't get to work out with them and he claims it was mere infatuation and he was wrong...well blah blah).
Anyways that crap thought me plenty. So the same advice I gave myself at the time is the same one I'm giving you now. Nne, keep that your friend at "elbow's" length. You really don't want to know what can happen. After all I read a story of how some girl lost a fiancé that they've been planning wedding since to her so called friend he spoke to when he called her on Skype. I don't want to dive into that story but some girls are very horrible creatures best believe that! Don't be hanging out and chilling anyhow with your man and that your friend oh. As you even found out and she has no idea that you know that's good. Don't confront her, don't say pim. All you need to do is act normal, be on your lane and let her be on hers. Don't say shit about your relationship to her except you're tired of it and want it to end in a split second. If you need someone to tell issues, tell it to Jesus baby girl, he's a good listener and keeps it 100% real. If that ain't enough, talk to yourself biko....yes soliloquize....lmao. Anything but keep your shii private. Handle your biz and don't let her handle you and yours.
They say he who cannot pound in the mortar, let him pound on the ground ni. I can only talk, but everything is in your hands. Someone like me sef if we're about to get married I ain't inviting that friend at all. Anything can happen.
But that's just me. What do you think about this darls? What would you advice? As you push through today, take a few minutes to Talk With Your Girl, Krystal ;)
Have a beautiful week.