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Wedding Planning 101.....Now That You're Engaged

Hi Krystals! My name is Tutu and I’m new here…well not really. I’m so excited!!! Not just because I get to write on this amazing blog, but because I’m writing the wedding column. It’s a new column and I would love love love to get feedback from you. This is my first post and I hope you love it.

I thought I would write this post about wedding planning and all the fluff and stuff that comes with it because who doesn’t love weddings *insert girly scream here*. You’re engaged!!!! Congratulations. Now comes the hard work, planning your dream wedding. This post is basically a crash course in planning  a wedding (if you call this long thing a crash course sha)

Though it depends on the time frame you have to work with, this is a checklist of sorts for a 12-month time period. Here we go…

10 -12 months to D-Day

  • Work out your budget. This is very important, its the foundation for all the planning to come. Do you want a big society wedding or you want a low profile wedding with only close family and friends? You need to have that conversation with bae so you know how to proceed with the planning
  • Pick your dates. Duh! Select the dates for your registry thingy, white wedding, traditional wedding, rehearsal dinners etc. Also, pick your location and by that I mean Dubai or Barbados(for destination wedding lovers) or Lagos
  • Choose colour schemes and general style of your wedding. Outdoor or indoor? Peach and royal blue or Lavender and Ivory?
  • Start researching venues and vendors( catering, drinks, photography, makeup, hair etc.) Lucky enough, bellanaija to the rescue. There are tons of vendors out there ready to help make your day perfect
  • Create your guest list. Do you want to invite 100 or 1000 guests? Although in Nigeria this might not matter, family will invite friends and friends of friends especially Yoruba people, we can like to broadcast and invite people smh
  • Choose your wedding party. I’m sure your bridesmaids and groomsmen will want to know as soon as possible that they will be a part of your day
  • Hire a planner…..if you want to. Work and other commitments might not give you the chance to plan your wedding. If that is the case, hire a professional

7-9 Months….

  •  Make your final venue selection and book the space.
  •  Also, make your final picks of the vendors and book their services for your day
  •  Pre wedding shoots!!!! Duh!! Okay maybe a little too early but the closer the D-day, the more stuff you have to do. I’ve said my own oh
  • Shop for wedding rings so there’s enough time for resizing and stuff
  •  Start researching honeymoon destinations :)
  •  Dress shopping!!!
  •  Shopping for glambags for your bridesmaids and swagbags for the groomsmen
  •  Souvenirs for wedding guests

4-6 Months…..

  • Traditional engagement (optional)
  •  Finalize décor for venue
  •  Accessories shopping (undergarments, shoes, jewelleries etc.)
  •  Trial runs for hair and make up..very important. So you know what you want or otherwise
  •  Organize the schedule for your wedding; time and all and let your wedding party know
  •  Start pampering and grooming yourself. Skin and beauty regimens so youre glowing on your special day

1-3 Months…

  •  Prepare your bridal emergency kit and hand it over to your maid of honour
  •  Prepare your wedding playlist
  •  Delegate duties to trusted friends and family members. You cannot do it all alone 
  •  Final dress fittings..for everyone (bridesmaids and groomsmen)
  •  Pack for your honeymoon *wink wink*

1-30 days…

  •  Spa treatments, manicures and pedicures
  •  Pre wedding shoot..again( maybe about 3 weeks to the actual date) if you didn’t do it before
  •  Check into a bridal suite, with your wedding party. Keep the groom away tho
  •  RELAX!!! You don’t want to get all stressed out and turn into a bridezilla on you wedding day

Enjoy every bit of your day. You deserve all the happiness in the world

So..that’s it from me folks. By all means feel free to add anything I might have omitted, it's not like I’m a professional or anything.