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Taking Chances

Hello Krystals. An interesting train of thought I've had for a while now is the above topic and I'd love for us to share our thoughts and experiences on it. As the name implies, it's simply about going out there and taking chances or risks.. You see, a lot of people, for a whole bunch of reasons always find excuses to take the safest possible approach to everything they do. While that may minimize negative outcomes, it also minimizes the chances of one having a serious breakthrough in whatever field they venture into. It's really simple then, to understand why the risky route is usually the road less travelled.  Think about it, risk is basically the absence of security. Taking a risk leaves future events to chance and chance is when a future outcome can not be predicted accurately or confidently. For this reason, most people are highly risk averse. 
There is comfort in security, but not a lot of reward, comparatively speaking. Rewards are illusive with risks and because r…

TRANSITIONING : Could You Be On Your Way?

Hey Krystals! A very beautiful and cool day to everyone of you reading this post. We apologize for the time lapse in keeping you updated on all things natural but we've been working very hard to give you very meaningful as well as interesting and informative content, so stay with us for all the juicy info ;)
We naturalistas get a lot of questions about how or why we went natural and also how to go about it. My friend recently got questions on how to transition & how to go about it. We'll clear that up for you. The first thing I tell people who want to transition is to make sure it's a decision they've come to on their own even if they were convinced by someone. You have to at the end, decide that you want to grow out your beautiful natural curls yourself as this will be your strongest motivation when you begin.
I'll break it into 4 different steps to make it easier for us to understand.

Step I - The first step as I mentioned earlier is to decide by yourself, i…


A source brought this issue to my attention this afternoon. Apparently a lot of Corper hopefuls have been waiting for the University Of Benin (UNIBEN) to upload their names on the NYSC website. Unknowing to most of them, their slots had been sold out for N30000. That is, you pay 30k and your name gets uploaded for service. Read Chat Below

This is damn right wrong and so irresponsible of the authorities in charge. Passing through a nigerian university is hard enough. Now they're done and want to serve their fatherland...why won't you let them serve???  We know how Nigerian system works and they very well know the importance of the wonder they've decided to use it as a means to extort as much as they can.

Please this is to bring the issue to the attention of the public, everyone is very much concerned. This is one of the many reasons people flee from Nigerian Universities. If this is actually true, something needs to be done with immediate alacrity. Do spread the …

Global Journalist Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo Pens Tribute to Bola Davies, late City People Magazine Deputy Editor

Nigerian International Journalist and Social Media personality Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo was called  "a giant as far as social media is concerned" by City people magazine in 2015. Kemi who is covered a lot by this magazine and known to voice her opinions frankly on social issues has released this statement on the death of her beloved media colleague and family friend Bola Davies the Deputy Editor of Nigeria's first tabloid soft sell magazine City People. Davies was the longtime Ibadan/Oyo and Osun states Correspondent and was loved by many public figures and citizens in the states. She passed away 19th of October, 2016 after a brief illness. Below is Olunloyo's statement:
"On June 11th 2016, my father Victor Omololu Olunloyo notified me that our journalist and family friend Bola Davies was diagnosed with breast cancer and was hospitalized. I was shocked and upset. I took to my Facebook page to ask my fans to deeply pray for her . While this was going on, I made effor…

Your Partner Has A Best Friend of The Opposite Sex - Is This Right?

Hi krystals, my darlings how y'all holding up? We thank the Almighty for life.

I once talked about this issue in my Best Friend Or Lover, how so uncool it is for your partner to introduce someone of the opposite sex as his best friend. You can read up.

This issue though, it seems tricky or complicated but it's actually very simple. I mean what is the need of being one's boyfriend/girlfriend or a couple engaged to be married if y'all are not each other's besties? What exactly is that bestie doing for you that your partner can't?

I mean, they say "Be with your best friend. Marry your best friend. Everything your best friend". So kilode naw? Some people still don't get it. I was rubbing minds with some of my girlfriends the other day and its like this issue is prominent with a lot of ladies. You will just stay, then bae will call you and say "My best friend says hi" or "My bestie wants to talk to you". Chai! Please she should no…

Check Out Krystals Slay Their African Outfits

Slay Doll Nwando Onwurah @nwand0_o in her fashionable African print trousers designed by her, matched with a gorge purple top. We give this look a 9.9/10! Well done hun.

Ah ah!! This is what we call Ada Ada. Ada obodo oyibo. Ijeoma Madukaife @smurf_doll killing it in her beautiful African pink and black floral matched with her well tied gele. Guys begin to apply now๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚We give this look a standard 10!! Shazzzaammm!!!

This combo is off da hook!! Onyinyechi Ekeocha stunning in this exquisitely designed gown made with red and blue ankara print. This is too gorgeous and the gele just put the icing on the cake. This look definitely gets a 10

Hiiiii Sugar. Damilola @wealthyforever giving us this dapper look from the stables of Joe Parson Designs. Material Supplied by aristocrats_fabrics. Outfits made with white italian cotton on Morrocan Tunics. This one gets a 9 from us....

Well done Krystals. Let's do this again soon. Send in your pictures of your beautiful self in lovely African outf…

Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo Condemns Former Governor Ohakim's Lecture Speech on HIV

Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo, an outspoken Journalist, pharmacist and social media critic has voiced out her opinion on former Imo state, Nigeria Governor Ikedi Ohakim who recently compared Nigeria's economy to the disease HIV.

"It was utterly irresponsible and a disgrace" she said while speaking to some online media platforms earlier today via Periscope and later tweeted her disgust in tweets. Omololu-Olunloyo stated that the Governor was insensitive comparing a disease that ravages humans  faster than an economy constantly looted especially by members of his own party PDP. Two million people are currently being treated for HIV/AIDS in Nigeria with thousands more not getting treated because of the anti-gay law which could get them arrested. Nigeria is the second leading counry with HIV/AIDS patients in Africa.

Governor Ohakim stated in his public lecture that Nigeria was being treated with antiretroviral drugs to keep it's economy together even before the Buhari administr…

My Little Doughnut Shop: Treat your Tummy To Our Tasty Doughnuts

Can you hear that rumble in your tummy?? It's getting mad you haven't ordered one of our delicious doughnuts. Your tummy needs to bask in the awesomeness of ours๐Ÿ˜† Ooohhh YAAAAS!! ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰ You can now get the best doughnuts EVERYDAY from 9am - 9pm.

A fresh batch filled with LOVE ๐Ÿ’•NUTELLA ๐ŸซRASPBERRY JAM๐Ÿ“ , AND CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT๐Ÿฉ. Follow us @mylittledonutshop on instagram or ☎ Call 08139741920/ 08161192906. And hey, we deliver to your doorstep too๐Ÿ˜Š ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ ..


Shop RuldolphPirates "You Are What You Wear" Collection

YESSS!!! RuldolPirates Inc's New Collection "You Are What You Wear"  is finally here! Get your own trendy outfit & accessories and say a strong statement with it. We deliver worldwide at very affordable rates. Go follow @ruldolphpiratesinc on Instagram now to order yours or call +233237556202.

RuldolphPirates.....Let Your Look Do The Talking

DIMINISHING RETURNS: How Much Does Her Body Count Matter?

What's up my darling krystals? Guess we're good yea? So I don't know how many of you got to read the old post on "Diminishing Returns" where we talked about a girl's body count.

Lemme throw back a little...
Law of Diminishing Returns: In all productive processes, adding more of one factor of production,while holding others constant..will at some point yield lower incrementals per unit. Simply put, diminishing returns refers to the point at which the amount of profit or benefits gained is less than the amount of money or energy invested.

In case you're not clear on what body count means, it's simply the number of people one has had sex with.

Now in relation to the body count, some folks say that if we apply this rule, the higher the number of men a girl has slept with, the lesser her value/efficiency/substance (read that post for real though and check out the calculation we did, lmao)
So my team and I thought we should bring it up again for discussion…


Prayer is a ladder that a true believer uses to reach God at all times. It's a means of fellowship with HIM. However, the Bible makes us to know that we do not only fellowship with God but we fellowship with one another; and that is through prayer too.

For a strong relationship to exist between each other, a means of communication must be there. There's a personal communication with God and then there's a cooperate communication with God. When people are in a relationship, one of the greatest test of their true love for each other is the ability to communicate with each other and with the Almighty. Now that's what we refer to as  cooperate communication. It cements a stronger bond of love, trust and understanding in finding the will of God for that relationship.

Other advantages of prayer in a relationship to overcome diverse temptations such as lust of the flesh (you know what I mean...ghen ghen), unnecessary arguments and mistrust along the line.

I just recently di…

Ruldolph Pirates Official Launch House/Pool Party: UNVEILING OF NEW FASHION COLLECTION

"You Are What You Wear". Indeed You Really Are. RuldolphPirates Enterprise, a private enterprise that specializes in fashion and accessories is inviting you to their Official Launch Party where it's new collection would be unveiled.

You do not want to miss out on this one. Their new collection  "You Are What You Wear" is top notch and unbelievably attractive that you would have eyes turning wherever you are.

The House/Pool Party would hold on Friday, 7th October, 2016 by 9pm and would also be aired on Youtube (Ah, you don turn celeb overnight be that), so you better come looking your best. Tickets are available for 15 Ghana cedis but free for girls. Hurry now and GRAB YOURS.

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RuldolphPirates  Enterprise is a private fashion enterprise established in 2015 that specializes on fashion and accessories. The vision of the Fashion line is to be the best in the market across the world with the likes of Gucci, Louis Vuitton and so on. Their mission is to provide customers with high quality products across the world thereby satisfying the customers every time. They supply in wholesale and retail worldwide.

Their new fashion collection "You Are What You Wear" which would be launched on 7th of October, 2016 is one to look forward to. With brand new and creative designs, these would leave eyes stunned. It promises to be one of their best collections yet.

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FOREVER DUNCAN: The Surprise Same-Day Proposal & Wedding That Had Everyone In Tears

If you haven't seen the popular video by now, let me just be the first to tell you to grab your tissues because it will leave you crying a river. This is like a fairytale one would only dream of and not picture it happening. This is the beautiful wedding story of African-American couple Sherrell, a trainer and Grammy nominated vocalist/MC Alfred Duncan who took their nuptial vows on Sunday October 2 2016.

The video has left a lot of folks questioning if what they have in their present relationships is as real as this couple's. He did one heck of a good job....I can't think of many people who would be able to pull this off. It took proper planning and determination to make it a success. And the bride didn't need to lift a finger..MY Gosh! Naija man fit do this one? ABIA!!

 Ladies imagine waking up still being an ordinary girlfriend oh...that same day you upgrade to fiancรฉe and wife! I don't even know how she did it, I won't be able to walk they should just get …