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DIMINISHING RETURNS: How Much Does Her Body Count Matter?

What's up my darling krystals? Guess we're good yea? So I don't know how many of you got to read the old post on "Diminishing Returns" where we talked about a girl's body count.

Lemme throw back a little...
Law of Diminishing Returns: In all productive processes, adding more of one factor of production,while holding others constant..will at some point yield lower incrementals per unit. Simply put, diminishing returns refers to the point at which the amount of profit or benefits gained is less than the amount of money or energy invested.

In case you're not clear on what body count means, it's simply the number of people one has had sex with.

Now in relation to the body count, some folks say that if we apply this rule, the higher the number of men a girl has slept with, the lesser her value/efficiency/substance (read that post for real though and check out the calculation we did, lmao)
So my team and I thought we should bring it up again for discussion considering our audience base has increased a tremendous lot (woohooo by the way).

So what do you think? Guys, would the number of men a girl has been with bother you so much and probably prevent you from moving forward to more serious aspects in you relationship? Do you think it's okay for a girl to have gotten around more than you have? What's the body count limit you can handle or just overlook? How much do you think her bride price should be (I remember someone told me 50 kobo for body count above 9...chai)

Ladies what about you? Would you still deem yourself or someone else responsible or wife-material-worthy even though the body count's like wayyyyyyyyyy high? Do you feel a good man would settle down regardless?

Before I let you guys get to it, let me just state my thoughts here again.....The fact that you haven't even kissed a guy before or you've dated just one or two persons does not guarantee the level of so called "substance"  your hubby will benefit. Like many people that have done and undone are now better off some folks that haven't had a guy hold their hands before. Some are even more godly now than the most responsible lot.

Notwithstanding, you don't have to be a grasshopper hopping from one man to another in just one lifetime. I had a conversation with someone the other day and he said there's no difference between a street prostitute openly standing on the roads and getting paid for services rendered; and a girl that also sleeps around with men that fancy her as long as they keep paying their dues....they're just corporate. As funny as it sounded it actually made plenty sense. Don't be a corporate prostitute and expect to be treated any better or gain mega respect from men or land a good man.  Pity your pum pum. After all that labor you put into how many relationships, what again do you want to offer when you get to your final bus stop? Remain something for your husband naw. You don't have to be around every and any man before you get to Mr. Right. You get?
Okay, so let's get the ball rolling. Talk with your girl Krystal ;)
P.S: No bullying of any sort. Plus KT would soon start giving out awards to commenters on the site...lmao, hilarious. Na una go choose anyway.


  1. Body count matters to me a lot. In fact I see girls who have been with more than 5 guys sexually as hoes. In short if you've slept with more than three guys you have a big problem, just go for deliverance and enter therapy. Such girls can't be trusted one bit. Same for guys too.


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