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FOREVER DUNCAN: The Surprise Same-Day Proposal & Wedding That Had Everyone In Tears

If you haven't seen the popular video by now, let me just be the first to tell you to grab your tissues because it will leave you crying a river. This is like a fairytale one would only dream of and not picture it happening. This is the beautiful wedding story of African-American couple Sherrell, a trainer and Grammy nominated vocalist/MC Alfred Duncan who took their nuptial vows on Sunday October 2 2016.

The video has left a lot of folks questioning if what they have in their present relationships is as real as this couple's. He did one heck of a good job....I can't think of many people who would be able to pull this off. It took proper planning and determination to make it a success. And the bride didn't need to lift a finger..MY Gosh! Naija man fit do this one? ABIA!!

 Ladies imagine waking up still being an ordinary girlfriend oh...that same day you upgrade to fiancée and wife! I don't even know how she did it, I won't be able to walk they should just get me a wheel chair or even a stretcher to take me to the hospital cause I'd definitely pass out. Hay!!

Photo cred: Holla Definition & Mental Mayhem Studios

Chai! There is God oh! This sister found her BOAZ!! Perfect description of "Love has no limits"
Now ladies their love story shouldn't get you jumpy or impatient. Don't go and pressurize your good man that's still trying to do right by you into rushing anything. Wait your turn and when or how it happens be very thankful. You don't even know the storms these two may have conquered to have gotten where they are now. So darling, easy does it. Don't be giving your man the look like the memes I saw...lmao...see photos after cut

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LMAO!!! This one got me rolling though. Wait there's more

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I can't even post everything here..LOL!. It's a lot. But if there's anything this fairytale wedding has thought would be
a) Ladies you should for no reason settle for anything or anyone short of what/who you deserve. Yes! You see the way he looks at her, the way she was treated like royalty, that's exactly you deserve and even more. Say good bye to any CheatingAz, LyingAz, AbusiveAz; any Az that ain't like BOAZ God designed for Ruth
b) Guys you shouldn't feel threatened by this. Rather be inspired to step up to the plate and treat your woman right. You may not necessarily wife her almost immediately, but be a man and treat her like your queen that she is and I can bet she'd treat you like a king you make her see you as.

That's about that lovers. By the way sef, would you be totally down for an impromptu wedding, no bridal shower, pre-wedding photos, etc etc..LMAO..I trust Nigerian girls naw, we've already planned how our pictures would look on the blogs. Anyways, lemme hear your thoughts. Feel free to talk more/lash out in the comment know what it is, Talk With Krystal ;)

Meanwhile I'm about to go and hug my pillow and stop tearing up :'(


  1. Anonymous4/10/16 08:30

    WOW! LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats.


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