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Taking Chances

Hello Krystals. An interesting train of thought I've had for a while now is the above topic and I'd love for us to share our thoughts and experiences on it.
As the name implies, it's simply about going out there and taking chances or risks.. You see, a lot of people, for a whole bunch of reasons always find excuses to take the safest possible approach to everything they do. While that may minimize negative outcomes, it also minimizes the chances of one having a serious breakthrough in whatever field they venture into. It's really simple then, to understand why the risky route is usually the road less travelled. 
Think about it, risk is basically the absence of security. Taking a risk leaves future events to chance and chance is when a future outcome can not be predicted accurately or confidently. For this reason, most people are highly risk averse. 

There is comfort in security, but not a lot of reward, comparatively speaking. Rewards are illusive with risks and because risks can often result in failure, the adage, "Better to be safe than sorry" is common. If there were more risk takers in the world, there would undoubtedly be more ideas implemented and discoveries made. Until such time, people will more likely take the safer path. Having said these, let's come down to daily activities, because when talking about risks or chances it's easy to think about "that great business idea" or "that investment" or ideas that often seem to involve taking very huge leaps. These are often true, but even in basic stuff like asking someone out, applying for a job, being strongly opinionated, there are so many ways we can be impactful without necessarily having to take this huge leap. In truth, this applies to anything that you feel like you want to say or do and are convinced is the right thing, but for some reason can't bring it up because it "might" offend your boss, or your folks "may" not approve, or a chance it "might" fail, anything at all. 

The problem is, we're so accustomed to being in our safe bubbles that anything that "MAY" not go completely well automatically becomes a no no, and we don't give it much further thought. Hence, we end up missing out on a lot of good opportunities because, as humans, by default it's easier to be pessimistic & play safe. I'll give a couple instances close to us. First, this site. I'm not a 100% sure, but I don't think the CEO was completely sure of exactly where it was headed at the beginning. Matter of fact, it was initially just a blogging site, which she used majorly for sharing real life experiences & lessons learnt but that humble startup has blossomed into this which we all know and love today. What happened? Was she the most passionate writer? I doubt that. Did she have the most vast knowledge on how blogging works? I doubt that too. Did she have access to all the stories & gist & news she's broken up until now? Definitely no. What happened was someone saw an opportunity and with passion decided to go for it, and it worked! and it can only continue to blossom from here on out and we can take a lesson from it. No one says you'll get it right 100% of the time, but if you don't try how can you know ? 

Second, and this is a personal one I guess a lot of people can relate to. I'd like to say I met this really amazing person this year and we got together and fell in love and blue skies and all that, but I can't. Truth is, we were in the same place for 4 good years, and pretty close for 3 of them, yet none of us could come to tell the other exactly what was on each others mind. Not necessarily because we were shy about it, but for me it was sort of like.."we're in a really good place now, no need to ruin it with this emotional connection"... so I turned a blind eye, and she must've had her reasons too because she did same. But, lol as crazy as it may seem, we left school, and not up to a year later we got together, and every day we keep wishing we'd done this a lot sooner.. The point here is this ; Everybody likes their comfort zone, ergo the name 'comfort' zone. It's comfortable, we want to stay there forever but to find something really great/special, we have to step out and shoot that shot and only hope it'll go in, and if it doesn't, no problem, we try something else again. After all, c'est la vie!

This is not a sports post, but I saw this sport related video a couple days ago. A 14 year old motivational speaker gave an instance and it went..
"Michael Jordan is the greatest person to lace up basketball shoes", no question about it and this speaker is just a 14 year old kid. Now, give the kid a basketball and give MJ a basketball. Tell him to shoot and try to make the basket, whereas MJ just holds the ball. Between a lanky 14 year old, and MJ, the greatest gunner in basketball history, who has a better chance of making the basket ? Of course it's the 14 year old kid. This is not because he's a better player than Jordan is, but because he's the one that took a shot, period. Even MJ quoted the famous line "you miss 100% of shots you don't take."

Last instance, ever wondered why a lot of great minds come from great schools like Harvard, Yale, Imperial College etc..and why parents strive, or darn near kill themselves just to get their kids into such schools? It's not because they're the brightest or the most naturally gifted people in the world, but the parents know for a fact that putting their child there provides OPPORTUNITY, because such places have certain facilities put in place to help one harness and reach their full potential or at least come close.
Also, a really gifted child, that happens to come from a struggling background and can't afford university education, OR an average child that's able to study hard and is financially stable enough to get into a prestigious school, who has a better chance of making a mark in in the world? It's obviously the one with exposure.

In conclusion, all those little ideas on our minds, or those things we want to tell someone or those little changes we have to make, but are hesitant to because of fear of the unknown, can potentially turn out to be one of the greatest life decisions we'll ever make if only we just try. So risk it all, and if for whatever reason it doesn't work out as intended, don't be devastated, take another chance, and another one, and another one because every experience is accompanied with growth which broadens our scope and launches us onto better experiences.
So, take a chance today. Step out of that comfort zone & be great! Cheers !