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Prayer is a ladder that a true believer uses to reach God at all times. It's a means of fellowship with HIM. However, the Bible makes us to know that we do not only fellowship with God but we fellowship with one another; and that is through prayer too.

For a strong relationship to exist between each other, a means of communication must be there. There's a personal communication with God and then there's a cooperate communication with God. When people are in a relationship, one of the greatest test of their true love for each other is the ability to communicate with each other and with the Almighty. Now that's what we refer to as  cooperate communication. It cements a stronger bond of love, trust and understanding in finding the will of God for that relationship.

Other advantages of prayer in a relationship to overcome diverse temptations such as lust of the flesh (you know what I mean...ghen ghen), unnecessary arguments and mistrust along the line.

I just recently discovered the unique power of prayer especially where relationship with booboo is concerned. For the first time in a long while, I've had total peace of mind, wayyyyyyyyyyy lesser arguments, better understanding and the grace to handle whatever issue that may arise with discernment. It's totally amazing...Like the feeling you get when you know you have absolutely nothing to worry about because well, you're very much taken care of.

To conclude, without prayer in a relationship there's every tendency that the enemy may sow the seed of mistrust, confusion and other things that may just disrupt a perfectly good future you would have had with your special someone. In fact, if you're not sound spiritually when you're not married, you can't possibly deal with the trials and storms that come with marriage. I've watched how my mum prays fervently without season for her family, her husband most especially. My God! I'm still looking for the kind of strength she draws to take it all to God. It's worked so well for her that I question myself why it took me so long to finally see the light and get it.

There are million and one reasons to pray about your relationship, but you know I can only write so much. Hope you share your thoughts too...Let me know if you've experienced the essence of prayer in a relationship or if you've been thinking about it too. I really want to share in your journey and hear your views as well.

Remember this is just me opinion. Do you think it's important to pray about your relationship? Is it really necessary? Talk with Krystal my darlings. Plenty love


  1. Anonymous7/10/16 13:27

    Prayer is truly the foundation of a successful relationship

  2. Positive Prayer Makes Strong Relationships
    Philippians 1:9-11


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