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TRANSITIONING : Could You Be On Your Way?

Hey Krystals! A very beautiful and cool day to everyone of you reading this post. We apologize for the time lapse in keeping you updated on all things natural but we've been working very hard to give you very meaningful as well as interesting and informative content, so stay with us for all the juicy info ;)
We naturalistas get a lot of questions about how or why we went natural and also how to go about it. My friend recently got questions on how to transition & how to go about it. We'll clear that up for you. The first thing I tell people who want to transition is to make sure it's a decision they've come to on their own even if they were convinced by someone. You have to at the end, decide that you want to grow out your beautiful natural curls yourself as this will be your strongest motivation when you begin.
I'll break it into 4 different steps to make it easier for us to understand.

Step I - The first step as I mentioned earlier is to decide by yourself, i.e have the final say that you want to go natural and grow out your curls. Trust me this is the most important step because if someone makes this decision for you & are not there to guide you through it, you will give up at some point and return to the creamy crack (Lol, check out our previous posts on natural hair vocabulary). I transitioned for 6 months at a certain time but because my reason was my friends, I lost the will and relaxed it all back. It sucks, I know. Your reasons can vary from not wanting split ends, hair that breaks or damaged and dull hair to wanting fuller hair that shines and bounces or to wanting to be able to style your hair a thousand different ways without going to fix a weave/braid your hair or to simply embracing your natural curls & going back to your roots. The reasons are endless, but it must be your reason.

Step II - This is the actual transitioning step in which you grow out your natural hair and start treating all the strands of hair on your head like they're natural. This includes getting rid of the use of chemicals such as relaxers or texturizers. In the course of the care of your natural hair you will realize that more than 90% of the basic products you will use are natural products, because really all our hair needs are proteins & oils which strengthens & conditions the strands of hair and two more products with which to keep it clean. Others will be beauty products which will be used to enhance your curls & transform your hair into various styles.
So basically here the hair is treated as if it's all natural as we earlier said, hair is conditioned using foods like banana, coconut oil, shea butter, avocado, mayonnaise, honey

(notice how these are all natural? Yet they give the strongest and healthiest looking hair) (see previous post on avocado mayonnaise hair mask) , washed using natural hair shampoo & conditioner or a DIY as cheap as baking soda & vinegar,

and covered when sleeping so as to avoid breakage. These are the simple & easy things that need to be done while your natural curls gracefully grow out of your roots till it gets to a length where you feel you are comfortable rocking it especially after the dead relaxed part gets cut off.

Step III - this is called the big chop 'BC' & it's the emotional part for some people because the long straight hair they've grown and kept for 5,6 years is all going to end up on the floor. But guess what? It's hair! It grows! And it'll grow out now looking so much fuller, bouncier, curlier, beautiful and alive! Some people skip the transitioning step and come straight to the big chop. This means they shave off every single strand of hair on their head as everything is relaxed and gradually let the natural curls grow out. I would also point out that this is a very bold step and should be done by people who are confident they can rock a bald head (lol I was in no way confident so I transitioned). If this is not you then you can by all means grow out your natural curls for as long as you like be it 3 months, 6 months or even a year. I transitioned for 6 months the first time & chickened out and another 6 months the second time around when I had my own reasons for doing so. When you feel you can comfortably wear your natural curls at its length, walk into any salon with a smile on your face and ask the hair dresser to chop of all those limp dead strands hanging down your face and walk out with the same smile, and a head of natural chemical free beautiful curls ready to wow any and everyone you come in contact with.

Step IV - this is where your natural hair journey officially begins. Just as you take care of your face everyday and check to make sure it's spot free and fresh and clean, your hair automatically becomes a part of you that you have to nurture and check to see its clean and check for your curl patterns when it starts growing out and check to see its well conditioned and  shiny and bouncy and frizz-free and pretty! Natural hair journey is one of self awareness & self love because you have made a commitment to appreciate what comes out of your scalp in its natural form without any alterations. So just as much as you love your fingernails & teeth and face & eyes and commit to keeping them in the best shape possible, so have you consciously decided to leave the breaking dull damaged hair being killed with chemicals behind & opt for that which is healthy and in itself, gives life!
Thank you so much for having shared this information with us. Leave your comments, suggestions, questions & basically anything you would want to share be it on natural hair or relaxed hair. As always, remain be-YOU-tiful & have a lovely week. ;)