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Your Partner Has A Best Friend of The Opposite Sex - Is This Right?

Hi krystals, my darlings how y'all holding up? We thank the Almighty for life.

I once talked about this issue in my Best Friend Or Lover, how so uncool it is for your partner to introduce someone of the opposite sex as his best friend. You can read up.

This issue though, it seems tricky or complicated but it's actually very simple. I mean what is the need of being one's boyfriend/girlfriend or a couple engaged to be married if y'all are not each other's besties? What exactly is that bestie doing for you that your partner can't?

I mean, they say "Be with your best friend. Marry your best friend. Everything your best friend". So kilode naw? Some people still don't get it. I was rubbing minds with some of my girlfriends the other day and its like this issue is prominent with a lot of ladies. You will just stay, then bae will call you and say "My best friend says hi" or "My bestie wants to talk to you". Chai! Please she should not talk to to me as in gini...Bestie kor crush ni!! When she's secretly thinking of 1000 ways to erase you from the equation. Abegi!

As far as I'm concerned anyone that is answering boyfriend or girlfriend and is still not your partner's bestfriend, then you're just a title holder. Shikena!

So let me repeat myself so you're clear. IT IS NOT FREAKING OKAY TO HAVE A BEST FRIEND OF THE OPPOSITE SEX while you're with your significant other you probably have plans of having a future together. Na from clap dem dey take enter dance. very soon they will say "they're now in love and just realized"...THUNDER is coming....Having a bestie of the opposite sex while dating is like having a fruit, waiting for it to mature and of course you consume it.

Do not doubt me. I've seen this happen times without number. Heck when you're in a relationship, be like "I AM YOU ALL IN ALL. YOUR EVERYTHING" In fact tell bae "I will be you sister/brother and cousin if you want"....Ah ah what do you mean? Some people won't even let you have best friend of the same sex, not to talk of opposite sex. Like what's your own role in the relationship? Baby making or love making machine? See ehn, if bae keeps on with the bestie thing, get yourself your own best friend too that's not the same gender. Then maybe when he/she gets to feel the exact same way they make you feel, some senses would be knocked into their heads (hopefully it won't be too late because remember, you can also fall in love with that new best friend)..LOL; maybe you shouldn't do this just yet.

On the real though, if you're guilty of this, you honestly really need to cut it! You might as well do away with your partner than subject him/her to such emotional pain (yes it can pain very well if you don't know). Your significant other should be exactly that..SIGNIFICANT, not feel like they're playing second fiddle or they're just there to satisfy some useless urgent needs you may need. Think about it though.

A blog reader said this the other time "Whomsoever you're in a relationship with should be the EVERYTHING, giving room for a third person in your head means you automatically have a second option and then, he or she is let into most of your affairs.. The so called best friend learns better than you in the relationship and like it or not he or she gradually creates room for themselve as time goes on.. It's always in your best interest to make your WOMAN OR MAN your EVERYTHING"..

I'm pretty sure I have spoken plenty people's minds today. But whether you agree or not, feel free to share your thoughts sweethearts. Don't forget to pray for relationships though, married or soon to be wedded or still taking baby steps.

That's it on Real Talk today. Until next time, take care, God bless and definitely....Talk With Krystal


  1. When I'm there what is another bestfriend going to do again?

  2. U spoke my mind o...all these evil besties. Av had an experience tho...opposite sex besties are baaaad...


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