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It's been an awful while on Real sincerest apologies. Today I decided we should talk about having a truckload of faith in your relationship.

What do I mean by "Keeping The Faith"? According to Martin Luther King Jr., Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase. Now often couples make the mistake to shiver and quake at the first waves of storms and trying times. They fail to understand the journey to find a loving relationship may have some twists and turns that could be quite discouraging. It is therefore important to keep the faith while trying to build something great.

Remember faith doesn't require you seeing the full picture...but it's you trusting that it would all work out totally in the end, come what may. Keeping the faith means you're prepared to walk on stormy seas, climb mountains, fight all odds and pray in commitment/agreement with each other for what y'all want or believe in.

Faith is the belief…

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Good morning guys and a beautiful almost Christmas season to everyone! Today's post is another type of protein hair treatment called banana hair mask which is used to deep condition natural hair (people with relaxed hair can use this treatment as well to maintain stronger hair & reduce breakages by increasing elasticity). First, banana contains potassium which strengthens the hair. Hair strands are made up of protein called keratin so, it makes sense that protein treatments would give us stronger & healthier hair, right? Another added advantage of this hair treatment is that it infuses moisture and shine into our curls as it contains natural oils & about 70% water. Also bananas contain antioxidants & vitamins (A,B,C,E) which are good for your scalp as vitamins promote cell regeneration. So, let's get right into this liquid hair goodness!

You'll need
4-6 fingers of ripe Banana
A small jar of Mayonnaise
3 tablespoons Olive Oil
3 tablespoons Coconut Oil
Lump …


We're all suckers for incredibly planned top notch romantic happy endings. This wedding is one that could get you almost teary-eyed. Beautiful in all ramifications. In fact we have to give it up to the event planners, IPC Events. Serious props! They know how to bring out the beauty of love indeed. I don't know if any more justice could have been done to this wedding. I doubt the couple would forget their special day in such a hurry.

So Bankole and Yewande said their nuptial vows the 29th of October, 2016 and my can I just say they make a ridiculously unbelievably cute couple. Would you believe they've been together for 11 years? I need me a love as strong as theirs!!

Bridal dresses were made by Derin Fabikun (@fablanebyderin on Ig)

 Suits by Kimono (@kimonokollection on Ig)

Decor by Torge (@torgeevents on Ig)

Happy married life Banks and Wendy. God richly bless your new home.

Wondering What Concept You Should Use For Your Pre-Wedding Shoot? Check This Out

This couple definitely took it back to the school days. Stumbled on them and trust we loved them. So just in case you're trying to figure out what to do, maybe this could help

Definitely in love with the "Love and Basket Ball" concept too


So I had a heart to heart session on Krystaltalks instagram page (@krystaltalks) the other day on this topic....I honestly loved interacting with you guys (those that participated). It was like a learning process for both moi and the other krystals. As such I've decided to share what we discussed and decided to do with the rest of y'all

Okay, there's a whole lot of reasons why many people have chosen to remain single (yea chosen, cause that's the feedback I got). I'm gon list them one after the other and thrash them out okay?

1) Trust Issues: This is one of the most common reasons people tend to be single. Many people tend to have trust issues because of a past experience or due to someone else's they may have seen. People don't just have trust issues naturally, they're triggered. My advise would be to let down your defences and be a bit more open. Take a risk, it could be so worth it. And if you get hurt in the end, you learn from that experience and …


Stumbled on these pictures on twitter and I couldn't help but fall in love with them. A mass wedding ceremony was held for war- wounded individuals. Everyone truly deserves their own happy ending don't you think?

               The Grooms and Their Brides

God bless their homes....Insha'Allah πŸ’•πŸ’

MuCh2016 - Que Sera Sera...True Story Of What Will Be Will Be

Muna and Christian's story is one of a love that has been tested through time and still found its way around. It's actually made me believe even more in love.

So these love birds who both happen to be pharmacists, met three years ago (15th November 2013). Guess who approached who? If you guessed Muna you're so right. She walked up to him and asked for his pen as her birthday gift (it was her birthday, beat that!). He obliged her and of course took her number, called her later on and wished her a happy day. Unfortunately that was the last time she heard from him...or so she thought...

Fast forward to April 2014, Chris calls Muna out of the blues and they reconnect. They began dating and one thing or the other led to their break up three months later! Yikes! You would think that'd have been it for sure. But no....hold on!

Time passed by, seasons came and went, April this year, oga Chris then called Munachi to congratulate her on her induction into the Pharmacist Council…