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Good morning guys and a beautiful almost Christmas season to everyone! Today's post is another type of protein hair treatment called banana hair mask which is used to deep condition natural hair (people with relaxed hair can use this treatment as well to maintain stronger hair & reduce breakages by increasing elasticity). First, banana contains potassium which strengthens the hair. Hair strands are made up of protein called keratin so, it makes sense that protein treatments would give us stronger & healthier hair, right? Another added advantage of this hair treatment is that it infuses moisture and shine into our curls as it contains natural oils & about 70% water. Also bananas contain antioxidants & vitamins (A,B,C,E) which are good for your scalp as vitamins promote cell regeneration. So, let's get right into this liquid hair goodness!

You'll need
4-6 fingers of ripe Banana
A small jar of Mayonnaise
3 tablespoons Olive Oil
3 tablespoons Coconut Oil
Lump of Shea Butter (egg size)
2 teaspoons of Black Castor Oil
2 teaspoons of Argan oil
3 droppers of Jojoba oil
Drops of Water

The portions of these ingredients above were used based on the length of my hair. They can be scaled down if you have smaller hair & scaled up if hair is fuller. The first time I did this treatment I used two fingers of banana and a portion of everything else. Also, at the time I used just the first 5 ingredients as I didn't have Black Castor, Argan, Jojoba oils etc available to me then. So don't worry if you don't have them at your disposal now. Even the banana and olive oil alone will work just as much wonders. I've found that eggs can be added if tougher hair is desired. I have really strong hair so I often omit it but be sure to throw in an egg or two in there (please break and empty in the egg, without the shell :) ) if it meets your needs.

Mixture Process
•Cut up the banana fingers and put them into the blender
•Next, scoop your desired quantity of mayonnaise into the blender

•Cover & blend until a purée is formed
•Add the oils available to you and blend again for a uniform mixture
•Add the lump of Shea butter(can be melted before adding if desired) and blend
•Next, blend blend blend
•Add water in drops if the mixture feels too thick or creamy but be careful with the addition because although too much water will not affect the efficiency of the mask on your hair, it will make it very uncomfortable for you to carry it long enough to see the effect
•Again, blend blend blend
The blending is repeated continuously because banana tends to leave lumps in the hair especially in longer hair if it's not blended properly
•Some people can choose to sieve the mixture if they feel lumps in it. I didn't because of my blend blend blend blend!
•Your smooth paste of creamy consistency is ready!

Steps to Application
•Divide hair into 4 sections and pack in a bun or choose an area to begin with be it the front or back
•Untie each bun and start your application from the roots working your way to the ends. Do same for shorter hair
After hair has been completely covered in the mixture, using a wide toothed comb , comb hair from back to front (preferably bent over the bath tub) so as to ensure an even spread of the mask
•Wear a clean shower cap or any water proof material that'll prevent it dripping on your clothes (remember to wear dark clothes or clothes that are no longer in use as it can be quite messy

•Allow the protein treatment stay on for at least four hours or less if desired (the longer it stays, the better). This is where the quantity of water added comes in handy. During your wait time, you can watch a movie, eat or simply sleep. If you however added more water than necessary, you'll find yourself laying in one position on the floor for 4 hours because you will be trying to not let it drip everywhere (This has happened to me :( ) If the mixture has a creamy consistency though, you'd have no problems with the wait.
•Whenever you've had it on for as long as you want, gently remove the cap and wash out the mask. For people with longer hair, it would be easier to partition the hair into four sections and wash one after the other. Wash till the water runs clear.
From here, your hair can have your oils applied to it so as to lock in moisture and then styled as desired (note strength & smoothness of hair). If you however choose to condition especially if eggs were added (YOU CANNOT ADD EGGS AND NOT CONDITION, IT WILL SMELL!),
 apply from the roots to the ends, completely saturating the hair and leave for 10 - 20 minutes (or again, as long as you want) for intense conditioning.

                                                     Some amazing conditioners I've tried

•Afterwards, comb and wash out conditioner, taking note again of how elastic your hair feels. Apply your oils & creams and style as desired

Please leave your comments or questions. Tell us other treatments you know or have employed for your gorgeous tresses and have an amazing week. Remain be-YOU-tiful.


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