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It's been an awful while on Real sincerest apologies. Today I decided we should talk about having a truckload of faith in your relationship.

What do I mean by "Keeping The Faith"? According to Martin Luther King Jr., Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase. Now often couples make the mistake to shiver and quake at the first waves of storms and trying times. They fail to understand the journey to find a loving relationship may have some twists and turns that could be quite discouraging. It is therefore important to keep the faith while trying to build something great.

Remember faith doesn't require you seeing the full picture...but it's you trusting that it would all work out totally in the end, come what may. Keeping the faith means you're prepared to walk on stormy seas, climb mountains, fight all odds and pray in commitment/agreement with each other for what y'all want or believe in.

Faith is the belief in or expectation of a positive outcome to your relationship. Without an attitude of faith, your relationship is as good as doomed. Generating faith is essential in realizing any goal including a healthy relationship and future that comes along with it. It's not a passive state of being. Faith is both creative and active. To keep the faith, you believe you can have what you want, you persist in your intentions about your relationship and then you take actions towards your goal!

To me, persistence is the most important aspect of keeping the faith. Why? It's an ongoing process. I mean yea we should believe and have a committed stance that you and your partner would surmount whatever, but persistence is key. Persistence inspires you to pick yourself and try again (I just sang Aaliyah's Try Again in my head) when it seems your relationship may not make it through a test. It's taking a stand over and over again that the dreams and desires for your relationship would become reality God-willing.

That's about it loves. Don't throw away something good because of hurdles you meet along the way. Conquer them, keep the faith and it would all be part of your fairytale happily ever after ending. Keep the faith, trust in your love for each other and above all, TRUST GOD to handle it all.

Glad I could talk to y'all today. Someone might need this so do well to share this page. Send me an email if you have any questions or issues you'd like my opinion/advice/counsel on; I'd be more than willing to help.

Always your girl keeping it real, Talk With Krystal. Until next time, take care and God bless.