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MuCh2016 - Que Sera Sera...True Story Of What Will Be Will Be

Muna and Christian's story is one of a love that has been tested through time and still found its way around. It's actually made me believe even more in love.
Photographer - BsCharis

So these love birds who both happen to be pharmacists, met three years ago (15th November 2013). Guess who approached who? If you guessed Muna you're so right. She walked up to him and asked for his pen as her birthday gift (it was her birthday, beat that!). He obliged her and of course took her number, called her later on and wished her a happy day. Unfortunately that was the last time she heard from him...or so she thought...

Fast forward to April 2014, Chris calls Muna out of the blues and they reconnect. They began dating and one thing or the other led to their break up three months later! Yikes! You would think that'd have been it for sure. But no....hold on!

Time passed by, seasons came and went, April this year, oga Chris then called Munachi to congratulate her on her induction into the Pharmacist Council Of Nigeria and that was it. They got engaged on the 18th of June and had their introduction on the 25th. Guess he wasn't gon let her go this time around.

The two had their simple yet beautiful and classy traditional wedding on the 29th of October in Nnewi.....Lord they make a good couple. Muna indeed is a beautiful Anambra bride.
Makeup By Kristyle

Loved up photo of Muna and her asoebi

As we take this step (Chris & Muna)

Muna and her ladies

Together Always And Forever

We can't wait to feature the white wedding come December. Krystaltalks Weddings is more than honored to share in this beautiful journey of true love. God bless your new home darlings.


  1. Anonymous4/11/16 22:41

    So beautiful ������

  2. Awwwww... Beautiful ������

  3. Annariela5/11/16 17:19

    Wow she's pretty


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