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So I had a heart to heart session on Krystaltalks instagram page (@krystaltalks) the other day on this topic....I honestly loved interacting with you guys (those that participated). It was like a learning process for both moi and the other krystals. As such I've decided to share what we discussed and decided to do with the rest of y'all

Okay, there's a whole lot of reasons why many people have chosen to remain single (yea chosen, cause that's the feedback I got). I'm gon list them one after the other and thrash them out okay?

1) Trust Issues: This is one of the most common reasons people tend to be single. Many people tend to have trust issues because of a past experience or due to someone else's they may have seen. People don't just have trust issues naturally, they're triggered. My advise would be to let down your defences and be a bit more open. Take a risk, it could be so worth it. And if you get hurt in the end, you learn from that experience and try again. Don't give up.

2) Being Too Nice: It's true, too much of everything is bad. Being too nice gives room for people to take advantage of such a good personality. So maybe you shouldn't be too nice to a fault; however don't change who you are for nothing. The right person would always appreciate everything you have to offer, so sit tight and keep up the faith. Your niceness is great, just never let anyone take advantage of it.

3) Dating Is Burdensome: Lol I wouldn't call being with someone you love burdensome though. Yes it could be demanding and could mean you making sacrifices every now and then, but that's the beauty of sharing your life with someone else. If you can't handle such commitment, indeed you'd always feel you're rather happy being single.

4) Attracting The Wrong People: This is very common. Many of us keep repeating same cycle over and over again. But the moment you decide to break the cycle, your story would indeed change. try doing some things differently. Change the circle you hang out with and try not to rush into anything unless you're sure of it. Don't think of giving up because you'd just be letting the assholes win. You're too awesome and you have to start believing that

5) Dishonesty/Lies: Everyone lies every now and then, especially in relationships. But it's a whole other ball game when you lie about certain issues you know you should be straight up open and honest about. Why lie and play games with someone else's emotions right? Truth is a lot of folks don't have the decency to do right by their fellow human beings. So darling, until you find someone man or woman enough to always be honest with you, don't settle; but don't give up either.

6) Someone said she's single because she's awesome and just waiting for him to figure it out. Now I love this attitude. If you love yourself enough and believe you're the best thing that could happen to anyone. Trust me others would begin to want/need you around them. So way to go girlfriend. Fire on!

7) Fear of Being Heartbroken: Similar to having trust issues or worrying because of some insecurities. But what's life without a little risk? It's okay to be a bit scared and a bit protective of whom you let into your heart. Nevertheless, don't go putting up high walls and then let 'The One' pass you by. Live a little, don't just exist.

8) Past Experiences: So you've been disappointed/heartbroken in the past a lot. Don't let your bad past win...believe me when I say you would be just fine.

9) Waiting for the right one: Go on and wait for the special one darl. You'd soon meet him/her. After all you can't come and be unequally yoked abi?

10) Distance: This is some real tough luck. However I've seen a couple of long distance relationships that have worked. Rare but they do exist. So who knows, it could just play out well for you.

11) You're weird: Well aren't we all weirdos ei? Chill for your partner in weirdness and you'd definitely have the time of your life..Hehehe

12) Witches and wizards: Haha! This got me. Oya I begin to kabash and pray against every witch/ wizard that doesn't want your market to sell..LMAO! Jor oh!

Okay darls that's all I have for today, but feel free to tell me more in the comment section.

Remember this, It's indeed smarter to be single than being in the wrong relationship. Have a beautiful week ahead and don't forget to Talk With Krystal

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