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An all too familiar topic right? But then again, some of us need a little reminder to save us from unnecessary brouhaha where our relationships are concerned. Now the points I'd be highlighting are very common mistakes even myself I'm guilty of making; so pay attention in class today


1) Don't wait. Express your love now: I've somehow talked about this in some previous posts. Many times we get scared of confessing or showing our true feelings because of one reason or the other. Well you better love up now before it's too late. Love hard but don't be stupid (you know what I mean)

2) Don't worry, stay happy: More often than not we worry over nothing in our relationships...panic for no just cause...fear of the unknown. When you worry, it eats deep into the connection you and your partner have. Try as much as you can to be happy and make your significant other happy as well. Very important!

3) Don't gloat when you are right: Most of us do this ehhhnn....and it plays down on the ego of your partner. Gloating belittles one's self..They get it, you're right...let it go! Don't rub it in, that shii hurts.

4) Don't sulk when you don't get your way: Uhm ladies this one is our department. We're fond of sulking anyhow (I know, I do it too)....but stop you hear? It does nothing but frustrate the guy. And some spoiled mummy's boys, y'all better get your shit together. You can't always get what you want...DEAL WITH IT

5) Don't make the same mistake twice: This one hard oh! I'd just say this...try your best not to repeat the same mistake over and over again. There's a limit to what your partner can take, even though we know love should patient; don't take it for granted or abuse its patience.

6) Don't spend your prime time or quality time meant for you and bae watching TV and pressing phone: LOL...slowly walking away from this point because I know the type of relationship I have with my phone especially. Nevertheless, give your partner attention when y'all are together....every other thing should be secondary. 

7) Don't interrupt when he/she is talking: Just be a good listener...make your point after they're done talking, no matter how pressed you are to spill a word. SHUT IT.

8) Don't take each other for granted: Yes! Don't abuse his/her constant care, affection or presence. They love you enough to always be there and do anything for you. BE APPRECIATIVE INSTEAD and return the favor.

9) Don't hold grudges: Please stop this if you're guilty of doing it. In fact, lovers should not go to bed with any issues. Don't take the drama from the day into the next morning and even the next few weeks or months. You destroy your relationship slowly (in some cases like the speed of light).Thrash out what ever it is during a lover's spat and let it go that moment. You're adults, act like it.

10) Don't let your mind wander during conversations: I'm a wanderer....especially when I can't really follow the conversation because I have no idea what the person is talking about; however, for bae thou must pay close me it's not as easy as it sounds...but what can we do? Wandering just makes the other person feel like he/she is blabbing. Don't make boo feel that way.

11) Don't wait for your partner to read your mind: Sisters in the house, he's not psychic neither is he a wizard. He can't know what is going on in your head abi mind until you say so (even though sometimes there are signs he should be able to pick up, lol). I've learnt though, it's best you voice out whatever it is that's bothering you rather than assume your bobo knows or should know...

Credit: brightside
12) Don't be judgmental: All ye judgmental pricks here, this one is for you. I don't have much to say, but if you judge your partner, STOP IT. JUDGE NOT ELSE YE SHALL BE JUDGED. 

13) Don't leave love making until just before sleeping: I mean, I mean....common! Who ever said love making had a particular time? Please be spontaneous. 

14) Don't make love the same way every time: Shout out to missionaries reading this. This is mainly for married people oh (cause you know they're the only ones allowed to do it not so? KIKIKI). Abeg switch it up, stop being boring in bed. SPICE UP YOUR SEX LIFE. Call each other names in bed. Ladies don't just lie down there and allow him do the work; sometimes you sef rock his world while he chills. Guys learn new moves if you have to. If she's always moaning the same way, dude you know you have to step up your game (I'm just saying).

15) Don't be afraid to share your feelings: Don't be afraid to be vulnerable and open with your partner. It encourages a deeper form of connection, love and trust.

16) Don't try to change your partner: This is very simple. Let them be themselves; all you can do is help make them a better version of themselves. Don't try to make them into what you want them to be in your head

17) Don't Cheat: Don't cheat, instead call off the relationship. It's cruel and it takes a lot of strength to forgive and continue. Please just don't...

18) Don't let too many passengers in: It's a and your partner's ship. So the both of you should sail it alone with divine support. Avoid too many people interfering and trying to sail your ship.

I could go on and on..but this post is getting too long though and I'm hungry...So class dismissed. 

Your realest girl, Krystal xoxo

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