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Dear cute, fine, ridiculously handsome guys...

You're breathtaking....indeed a breath of fresh air. Girls will always fawn over you and stare the whole day at you day dreaming of the possible beautiful babies that they could have with you. They will have fast heart beats and pee hot piss when you simply smile at them or reply a text. They are possibly having high blood pressure every now and then whether or not there is another girl trying to get your attention.

By now you probably know this already. In fact I'm sure you're up to speed on how mindblowingly good-looking, strikingly attractive, elegant and drop dead gorgeous you are and the type of confusion and sleepless nights you're giving us. You know some ladies would let themselves go and worship the floor you walk on...they'd do anything as long as you command it; including kill for you.

Nevertheless, for the rest of us who can still manage to be sane while fantasizing about you, on behalf of this particular association of intelligent girls attracted to fine guys, abeg, in God's name...carry small sense come with your package *big cry out loud*.

Haba! Una own don too much. I've been saying it that fine guys would not be the end of me. I've said before I'm indeed a sucker for beautiful creatures...I mean they give that "Wow God you some good crafts man" feeling. But it's like most of them would be better off being in a museum to just be looked at and admired. You see a really good looking young man and you start tripping but his mouth opens and it's like "huuuhhhhhhhh".  It's not even about being book smart....the way you think of the opposite sex just because you know they're drawn to you, thanks to your tasty snackable looking self...sigh

Just stop thinking you can get anything from anyone with the snap of your fingers. And please help us small, you know we like you already but since you now know we also have some self respect, act like a gentleman and be nice. Don't be unnecessarily pompous and proud; it's so annoying. Humble yourself small, we know say you fine like fine wine. Allow us really appreciate the good work of God physically and other wise. LET US LIKE/LOVE A HANDSOME GUY AND BE HAPPY naw. Mtschew! But if you people refuse to have sense, abeg find another planet and relocate to, let us manage ourselves like that, "Tenkiu".

Yours sincerely,
A fine girl with sense that appreciates the good things of God...Amen?!


  1. Chai... Wetin we ugly guys go come do.. Abi no vacancy for us? Or no one to appreciate? ��

  2. And the ones that know they're fine art just really annoying. God help us

  3. And the ones that know they're fine art just really annoying. God help us


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