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I know I know, some title that is.. LOL. Funny but this is honestly the mentality I have had to deal with in the past couple of weeks. So here's what happened......

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There's this fine a** cute being like that I got to know yea, I swear I got attracted (who no like better thing);..On a good day, I paid him a compliment and we talked good. We agreed to chill some time later in the week. I opted for movies and all, but uncle said he'd prefer his house. Of course I refused. On the D-day, after work hours, he told me the spot to meet up with him yea; some plaza like that. I got there, lo and behold, his house was just my mind I was like "Krys you don fuck up". I boned up and just got in, laughed over it and just let it slide. One good thing about this person, he was pretty much free...Now I had hoped to just talk and get to know a brother better, be good friends at least. However, he had other plans in mind. Before I could say Jack, he already had a hard on and I still freaking had my clothes on. When I say hard on, I mean 90 degrees, scouts could camp under, full blown erection. What the heck was happening? I told him "Bia better relax oh". He thought I was playing. Again, I joked about it to avoid any form of weirdness or awkwardness (shii could kill me)

What beats me is how one just assumes that the first time you're meeting someone yea, y'all gon get don like that as two animals on heat? I felt disrespected though but again, i made a joke about everything. According to him, he believed I was forming Sister mary...and was like when you like a guy, nothing would stop you from doing what he wants..

PAAAHHHHHDDDIIIINN??!! You have to be kidding me yes? The very first time we meet, all that's in your head is to get in between my thighs and that's seemingly okay? C'mon! I for one would think any girl that got down like that was just plain cheap, had no self-respect, a hoe, a one night stand or just wants to satisfy her loins and forget the person ever existed yes? In fact na me go find trouble sef; I'm a bit of a sucker for cute guys but not to the extent of losing my senses na....

Anyways, lemme kuku ask you guys. Is it wrong for a girl to not straff at first sight or is that the new norm now? Plus I'd have thought if a guy sincerely liked a girl, he'd wait and try to woo/win her over first before getting to base 3.....and if the girl wasn't still ready to get down like that, he'd wait just because of how he felt.. Or may be I'm just so old fashioned like that... Or in this oga's case, it was FBS (fine boy syndrome) that was disturbing him...
I'd really like to know your thoughts so as always, let's chat in the comment section. You think it's ideal to just straight up have sex with someone on sight?

By the way, there's this notion I'm beginning to have about all em fine guys..but that's a topic for another day. Your girl, Krystal


  1. Krystal is back!!!!!

    1. Yes love. Thank you for the support xoxox

  2. It is a big deal and I don't think it i'd advise it.

    It is always better to know who you are indulging with before the 'Indulgence'..

    Regardless, if there is a spark in the physics, the chemistry requires bonding, the biology is tingling and the feeling is mutual between both parties...GO FOR IT!

    1. Well apparently, it's not much of a big deal to a lot of people I just found out.

  3. Its not only the FBS (fine boy syndrome) but there's also a SMS (sexy mama syndrome)... It all depends on the individual. Its not about being cheap, it do happen once there is a chemistry. I remember a crazy ass intelligent sexy mama but never knew she was a nympho and intelligent as fuck... So its just the chemistry. Like a girl told me, we could have sex on the first date or still have various date and at the end still have sex, that its hypocrite. Why not hav sex when you know its still gonna happen in the future... If he or she wanna discuss about the straff with a friend, the frontal lobe of the individual wuld ring and remember the intimate straffing pressure then you see them call you after weeks of the gossip because you blew their mind. Straff on the first date is cool, if the both parties are adult in mind.

    1. Just died 😂 interesting line of thought. Okay then