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TORN (Fate or Fight)

I've been gone for too long haven't I? I've had people question me a lot about Real Talk and when I'd resume real blogging (not the amebo gist I do on instagram) Somehow I just stopped writing...maybe I needed some reminder of why I started this in the first place...and boooyyyy have those reminders been pouring in day in day out. To all of you that were really concerned and pushed me to come back, I really do appreciate your words of encouragement....I didn't think people really paid attention, even on twitter and those I talked to in person. Thank you a lot.

So I'm going to begin this journey of re-discovering myself and I get to do it with you. I'd be using real-time-real-life experiences and hopefully we get to find some sanity in our insanity. So allow me to reintroduce my self again. I'm Krystal and I'm very delighted to bring you Real Talk.

For today, we'd be gisting bout something that bothers most if not all of us. BEING CONSTANTLY TORN between "What ever will be will be" and "If you want something, go for it". A friend of mine made this statement on her wall some time ago, and it stuck in my head. Why? 'Cause that was the major question that's been haunting me for a while.

Now I've always been the type to go for what I want. I fight for something I believe in, for something or someone I think I love rather than sit around for cousins 'fate' or 'destiny' to come through. The past couple of months, that was my motto. I kept holding on to something I believed in even though there were a thousand and one red flags. I refused to give up; I kept saying if this is what you want, don't stop. It got really bad I almost lost myself in the fact I think I did lose myself a bit.

Que sera sera or keep fighting and pushing for something that probably isn't meant to be? DEFINITELY TORN.
 My opinion? Here goes
I still think you should go for what you want or think you deserve. Fight for something you believe in. But while doing that, pick up on the red flags so that you know whether or not you should keep fighting. Don't go chasing lost causes because that was exactly what I did. I ignored every thing that screamed STOP...shut down any inhibitions and was like "it's a test"...No darlings; indeed tests would come, but those tests would lead you to your goal in the end and those tests would help you find your true self, not lose it. Some times, you need to let fate do its bidding because somethings are just meant to happen. When you try, try and try again and it's like you're hitting a wall, please stop and focus your energy on the next thing. Trust me, I kept going for something that obviously wasn't mine to get or keep..... I kept asking if I should just let fate run its cause or persist in this fight that seemed....well quite a waste of time in the end... It was quite bad because the mentality I already had in my head was 'You can't give up, not now, no matter what". But thankfully, fate worked its magic even with my stubbornness.

So yea, by all means, be a go-getter. At the same time, know when to stop and let go. Whatever is yours would indeed stay with and for you especially with your efforts.

Well that's my two cents. I'm happy to be back and I hope I don't leave anytime soon again. I totally missed y'all. Keeping it Real, still your girl, Krystal. Do share your thoughts with me in the comment section.


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