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Be true to yourself....As simple and as grounding as that sounds, is there any one way to just do that? Being your true self (the best version by the way) is to act in accordance with who you are. It comes with loving and respecting yourself.

To be yourself, you need to make a constant conscious decision everyday as it would help make better choices/judgement. It takes courage to step up and be just you in a world that would not hesitate to judge u the first chance it gets.

So how do you know you're being you?
- Good feeling
- confident decisions without inhibutions or reservations
- u care less bout being singled out and picked on
- Definitely not trying to impress nobody but you

So darls, embrace all you are ...your strengths, weaknesses, passion and purpose. Find out what defines you and makes you whole. Stop trying to be someone else; you haven't really started living until you make that firm brave move to either live in integrity or live out of it. Believe YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Love, -Krystalđź’«

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