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Moving On From A Breakup

Getting over heartbreaks is undoubtedly one of the toughest things anyone can do, except of course your feelings towards the other party were not real.

I've had this conversation more often than not, about the best way to move on and heal from a breakup. As many times as I get to answer, it doesn't seem easy just recommending one good option. But then again, all one can do is but try. To get over an ex, in my opinion, here's what you can do

1) Forgive yourself first and then forgive the one that hurt you: This is like key to begin your journey to healing. Forgive yourself for either making the mistake to be with the person, or for what you may have done in the relationship...whatever the case is, forgive yourself totally. And then forgive the ex (I swear to God this part is hard...harder in most cases, but it's something you would need to do). Forgiving your ex doesn't make you look weak, but strong...and it gives you more power to get to a stage where you not only wish him/her well, you heal in all totality and even end up still being friends in the future(pending). Hey! Forgiving doesn't mean you'd forget though, before you make same mistakes feel me?

2) Delete and block: lol, sounds childish yea, but it's proven to work for a lot of people especially when the breakup was crazy horrible. I remember talking with a friend one time and she asked if it was okay to block someone she recently broke up with, even though they were still friends. She explained seeing his posts online kept getting to her and making her feel awful. And I told her she needed to do whatever she had to do to heal and get to a place where seeing him or his posts won't bother her. So yea, delete every picture as you deem fit, block all lines of communication including their instagram, twitter and Facebook feeds...(this one sef could aid restrain you from stalking compulsively and obssessively). It's said out of sight is out of mind yes, so don't feel like it's a bad thing to just Delete & Block πŸ˜‰.

3) Go Out: This is the time you need your friends! Not just friends of the same sex, the opposite sex helps a lot. Especially those that you know have been on your case. Hang out, chill and laugh more

4) Rebound: may work for some and for others, not so much. Rebounds help not to remember or think so much...occupying you "sexually" just so your "orgasms" give you some sense of satisfaction and control over what's going on around you. This however is a temporary fix, by the time y'al done with the shimishimiyays, reality sets in again.
(Rebound could be fun though...just thinking out loud)

Soooo, tell me tell would you get over a bad breakup? Someone could be reading and use it πŸ˜‰