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Step Up And Say Sorry

One time, my Chief of Pharmacy staff  at one of the hospitals i worked in; and I gisted about some random stuffs, and then he shared an experience with me.

He told me about a huge disagreement he had with his wife and how mad she got him. And then he lost his temper a bit and shouted at her. At that point, she began to cry. You know what he did? He knelt down immediately and begged her forgiveness. To him, he had wronged her because he made her shed a tear. Like when he was gisting me, I went like 'wow, aww, choi"... And you know what? After that his wife told him she knew she was at fault but he should not have shouted at her like she was a child...and he agreed to that.

Truth is women are funny characters. Trust me we can push your buttons, sometimes to just get your attention or just to make a lot of fuss. But remember you're a man. A real man would be able to overlook certain things and even take the fall no matter who's at fault. A good man who loves his woman would rather suffer than see her shed a tear. Saying you're sorry doesn't make you weak and it absolutely does not mean your partner is right. When he told me about this I just wondered how many men like this were out there?

I've always prayed that I find someone like that. Sometimes all a lady wants is someone who'd just be their own person no matter what...they'd rather you stick by them, pamper them (such big babies, lol) and later, when they're calm and done with their tantrums, they would be the ones to come around.

I'm not saying you should not call her out on her wrongdoings. Far from it. Its actually very important once either party feels hurt by something, they tell each other. When a person tells you you hurt em, you don't get to decide you didn't. Just apologize and move on. But there would be times (more often than not considering how our species get) where you as a guy would have to step up to the plate and fix things...well if you love her and the relationship enough. (Uhm ladies you get to do this too, no be only us sabi get shakara).

Anyhow sha, let me know your thoughts, would you as a guy just apologize no matter who's at fault? Ladies whatchuthink?

Enjoy your Monday 😙😚😘
Krystal 💫 #justmythoughts

#Krystaltalks© #realtalk #justsaysorry

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