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A Call From The Ex


Few days into the new year, I got a call from an ex. Not just any ex, the once great love I thought was my future. A call that sent me into a "shock-frozen" state...brahhh I was shoookkk. Why? Firstly, I had blocked that number on my main phone and switched to a smaller one that day, so I didn't expect if at all he'd call me he'd get through to me.  Secondly, he was certainly the last person I expected to hear from; considering how things went south (been almost a year now).

When I got to know who was on the other end of the phone, I won't lie ehn, the small demons in my head went off ... I don't know how I managed to remain calm and talk normal. No no, I know..I've been saved by the Master, Hallelujah!!

Anyways, I indulged the conversation, exchanged pleasantries; and bruva was like "he wanted to wish me everything good for the new year like he's been doing everyone, didn't want no fight", asked things not be awkward when we cross paths (really though, how e wan take be before?)

The whole thing just brought back some memories I won't have minded never remembering at all. As much as I have matured and gathered up what was left of my heart since then, I strongly feel that pending the type of breakup folks may have had, the party that messed up shouldnt reach out, even though they have good intentions.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying exes can't be friends, ofcourse they can. There are the casual exes or childhood exes where time and growth/maturity have now allowed a friendly check-in. Not this one though. In some cases as tumultuous and heartwrenching as mine was, the distance apart with no calls/texts and the least memory of them is best. Its like robbers taking your stuff and asking you if you guys can still chill regardless. Plus I mean, how on earth do you hurt someone and then expect not to be some form of awkwardness when y'all run into each other? Like he/she would jump and hug you like nothing happened? Or you guys will actually have a decent conversation? Naaaa.

There was a tweet I saw one time where a dude asked his fellow guys not to reopen a wound by reaching out to someone they hurt just because you want to make peace. I agree with him. Your ex doesn't need to hear from you. They are at peace already. Unless they want it, stay completely out of their lives.

In my case I just got a bit upset (mostly because he made me remember he existed), but it was nothing more than a little annoyance to help me recognize how over him I actually am. Nevertheless, I do wish him well and though I'd prefer to live the rest of my life not seeing him ever, if I do see him, we would try to be civil and "not awkward"..LOL!

That being said, Happy New Year krystals, I've missed sharing with you. Back and better...get ready for plenty talk😉
Still your girl, Krys 💫


  1. Most times, a call from ur ex to "make peace" is almost always more for his/her sake than yours. Typically it's about clearing their conscience, especially if they messed things up. That's basically self gratification, making themselves feel better, not about helping you find peace with what they did to you.
    Sincerely, you don't have to be friends with your ex. Not being friends with your ex does not automatically mean you are enemies, the two are not mutually exclusive. You have merely put your past behind you where it belongs. When a chapter in your life closes, leave it closed and let ur ex also leave it closed, there's no sense in reading a book backwards.

  2. Call from my ex?.....hus dat?....biko bye Felicia

  3. Alexis Walter9/1/18 12:14

    �������� I laugh in Swahili. Why do we like complications for ourselves? is this an African thing?
    I couldn't agree more with you ikenna, imagine how stressful it will be to read a book backwards.

    Please it's called ex for a reason, let's not take away the glory of its existence and it's meaning. Biko bye Felicia.

  4. I'm glad it brought back your writing skills.

    Call from an Ex, although as pleasantries is normal, if no intending strings are attached. I believe its a memory and conscience acting on the mind. Infact it all depends on the intention of the call.

  5. I have a story for you sef


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