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Heart 2 Heart With Krystal: He Lost Me, I'm Happy

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Welcome to another session of Heart 2 Heart. You're gon' love this one. Get comfortable and read

"Aunty Krystal, this one is sweeting my body. I was dating one stupid person for a while. I was living in bondage, he's the real definition of a yoruba demon. He would abuse me emotionally, call me all sorts of names and constantly cheat. I don't know how but I kept staying with him. This person said he won't allow me move from Delta to Abuja to work even if something good comes up and I accepted oh. Smh! 

Late last year, he decided to be silly. Do you know even after meeting my parents he went on to cheat on me? E never finish, he would freely come to my house and gist with my parents and refuse me from meeting his mum. When I ask why, he would give some flimsy excuses and say I'm being pushy. So I backed down a bit.  Later he broke up with me following a disagreement. This was not the first time but it was surely the last time. 

He broke up with me, blocked me on Whatsapp, deleted me from Facebook, BBM and Snapchat. I just drank chilled coke that day and decided to carry on with my life. Three days later, he began his pleas that it was anger. I just told him "uncle please go, I no fit"...that if we were married he would kick me out of the house out of anger. Next I knew he was telling people who sold clothes and hair to tell me to come and pick anything. Something he never did while were together. I ignored and ignored ehhnn.

4th of January this year, he then sent a message, see the pictures and help me laugh please

After I refused to come back he started saying "what will he tell his mum, the mum wants to meet me, bla bla"...Same mum he refused me meeting, is he not a joker? He said he's ready to change. Please no time so I blocked him. 

I guess he thought I won't walk away because I said I'm ready to settle down. But I can't settle for less. I caught him cheating! And he claimed it was his friend's wife that he's calling baby, his supposed best friend. She too calls him baby. Its okay. They should continue. Even on his Snapchat he would watch pictures and videos of girls that post naked pictures of themselves. When we will go out, the friends will ask me "Madam who are you" because he never introduces me to them. The only time I have ever seen my picture on his DP was during my nysc POP. That was the first and last time, he put one picture and just said "Congrats" head just scattered. 

I took a lot but I'm happy I got out and it wasn't me that broke up. Now there's actually someone else who has gone to see my parents with his people; we have actually been friends for a while and I didn't know the one had been in my very presence and I was there breaking head for another person. I can't wait to get married to the man of my dreams. 

My Ex Lost me and I'm so so happy"

Ahhhh!!! Congrats dear poster. Me sef I'm over happy for you. Thank you for kicking that uncle to the left. You're a queen and you deserve no less than the love and respect of a king. Please send us invitation oh and we'd surely be featuring your wedding on the blog.
But chei, I'm only one tiny girl like that, not Aunty abeg. LOL.

Told you krystals you'd love this one. Have an experience you want to share? You know what to do...share it with no one else but your girl, Krystal.

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  1. Oh wow๐Ÿ˜‚ Yoruba Demons out there doing the most...Thank God you left his cheating ass....I should share a story soon....Krystal I hope you'll make a post about "Depression" Soon?
    Loving this blog๐Ÿ’ƒ


    1. Sure thing love. Glad you're loving the blog. Email or dm me whenever


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