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JAP - Jump And Pass

I belong to this very vibrant hike group, Tha Outdoor Tribe and besides the usual monthly hikes that bring us together; the whatsapp group page is just on a whole different level. Like most active whatsapp groups, one could meet a thousand messages within a split second of being offline.
So when some of us can’t keep up with the chats, we’d easily write “JAP”, moving past all the non-important messages. Not just that, with a lot of people with diverse backgrounds and ideologies, there’s bound to be conflict every now and then. Sometimes when someone just doesn’t want to get into it, he/she just JAPs, like it’s not worth the stress you dig?

I often think about this and I’ve realized applying JAP in life, in DJ Khalid’s voice, is a MAJOR KEY in life. Truth is you can’t always spend your time throwing stones at every dog that barks at you. Ignoring things not worth your time and attention is an intelligent way to show your wisdom and maturity. You know the phrase “Pick Your Battles”, yea let it always be at the back of your mind. Ignoring things doesn’t make you the smaller person or a weakling that can’t face a supposed oppressor/challenge, but it takes away power from them to make you feel unhappy or worked up. Very happy people choose to be that way…why? That’s because they choose to prioritize the things that are important to them.

Ignore things which work against your inner peace. If someone tries to trigger a very emotional response from you, Jump And Pass!! This is ridiculously hard I know, even for me. I can’t count how many times I have been triggered a lot and almost always reacted, but of course I am learning to pick my battles wisely; just Jump And Pass and let go. Life is really not that hard so don’t let anyone make it hard for you. You have enough headaches of your own.

JAP other people’s judgements; don’t try to live for other people’s approval. That way you can really care less about what they think and develop a thick skin to their opinions or judgements. Make an active effort to not let other people’s judgement affect your mood, faith, relationship, etc. Failing to ignore what people say or think about you could hold you back in life. It’s different when you perceive these thoughts in a healthy way as you get to gain feedback valuable to your self-improvement.

Also we need to understand that sometimes people’s comments stem from their inexperience, lack of exposure and illiteracy about a particular subject matter or issue; so they just criticize things they have no knowledge about. So darlings, JAP all them negative comments and destructive words with the potential to ruin your day.
Again, misery loves company; so some folks choose to make you as miserable as they are at the given time. Once you notice this is the case, try not to take anything to heart…just jejely JAP and be going your way.

JAP the worries over things you have no control of. Doing this will only increase your stress levels and of course frustration. Try to gain some composure taking really deep breaths and assuring yourself all is well.
JAP comparisons to other people. You are your only competition. Everyone has his/her timeline so anyone trying to make you feel bad about where you’re at is so not worth the stress. Focus on your own self growth and think of ways to improve the person you presently are.

With all that being said, in the words of my hiking brethren, “Amp yourself up with some good dose of JAPaquine” and you will be alright.

Peace and Love, Krystal


  1. πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ we JAP baby!!!!

    Nice writeup and great words of wisdom. KudosπŸ‘

    - Oma

  2. Oh how I love to JAP. Even some humans should be JAPped sef.

  3. Lol, this has got to be the best trick or better still brilliant measure to live life peacefully. So far as one is able to detect negativity around, start "japping" like never before. Negativity isn't worth anyone's time or stress.
    Krystal you burst my brain all the time with your write ups. I have started JAPping away. Haters can start shoving it up their asses. "Nansense".

  4. On an auto JAP level this year mehn!!!! You go girl!!!!

  5. Nice one Krystsal. ..I needed to see's like my village people don't want me to learn how to JAP. ...its always causing me problems. ..sigh

    1. You must JAP very well whether they like it or not oh. Glad I could help


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