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Nerd It Up

It's popular belief (to most folks) that nerds/geeks are only great at reading books or getting the good grades, but bad at satisfying women or even getting a girlfriend to say the least.

 Well ladies this could not be more false. Nerds make awesome incredible partners (if not the best; yes I may be biased cause I got me one...LOL…I had to, limited edition you know). Besides being the smartest in the room, here’s why you should go for a nerd:

Nerds are:
- Loyal to the Core:  With a geek you never have to worry about the “demon trait” (like the Yoruba demons you have been with). They usually keep to themselves and even when they make ordinary friends, they don’t like to lose them. So imagine how they gon treat you their own woman! Your geek boyfriend or husband will always put you first and would be 101% committed to you. No time to play games.

- Funny as Heck: If he’s smart, he sure can make you laugh. My nerd makes me laugh without even trying. Whether they’re being sarcastic, teasing or yabbing you, cracking a joke, you’d be sure to have a good laugh almost every time.

- Sensitive: Ah! They have A1 in this department. They are very sensitive to your feelings/emotions and know when/how to make you feel good, when to just listen and exactly what to say to you at any given point in time.

- Unpredictable and mysterious: I love a little mystery in a relationship as opposed to always knowing your every next move. Nerds sometimes present themselves as puzzles to people like me who will love to attempt to figure them out. A man that makes me think is definitely bae, that’s like a huge plus because it spices things up and keeps the attraction burning bright.

- Generous givers: See, even if they are broke to the core and you’re in need, they will use up what they have left to make sure they provide for you. A geek bae will put your welfare first before his (it’s so so sweet and kind)…it’s like they love you like no one else ever could. This big heart of theirs makes them very worthy of your affection. Unlike some guys that will be doing AKA gum, trust a nerd to spend on you whether or not he has more than enough.

- Great motivators: They push you to be the best version of yourself and attain your fullest potential. They see the things you’re yet to see. They encourage you when you do well and tell you how much better you could even be, not just by talking, but helping you to figure how to be awesome. They are willing to be your teacher or mentor if that’s what it takes for you to be tops even well above them.

- Patient: You honestly can’t match their patience to that of “ordinary” folks. You may diss them, push them away, block them from calling/texting you, have mad fights with them…but watch them wait patiently and still come back for you again.

- Successful….like duh?! Most nerds make this cut.

- Passionate Lovers: You may think nerds don’t know a thing or two about pleasing a woman intimately….YOU DON’T KNOW NOTHING!! Date one and receive the shock of your life. They will leave you begging with your knees screaming “weeeehhh” and your mind thinking you’re extraterrestrial beings. They know what to do and if they don’t, they learn very quickly. This is because they make it their primary goal that you’re pleased…they want to make sure you pleasure yourself with them and nothing/no one else. Nerds give all their time and effort to the thing that has captured their hearts.

Summary of all my plenty story, NERD YOUR LIFE UP!! They are the best out there (argue with your generator). Don’t pass them up; if you see one, just begin twerking on top fan because you will get the full package (a beautiful intelligent being). Snatch his last name in fact!!..nerds do it better!!!

Whether you disagree or not, talk your own now…but do it with no one else but your baby girl, Krystal.


  1. Dope write upπŸ‘Œ# Spot on✊#😎

  2. Please I need me a NERD!!!!!πŸ˜€. CV dropping soon.

    I am fun loving, tall, dark, intelligent, love the outdoors, spicy and spontaneous. I can be weird sometimes and I have moodswings where I just ignore youπŸ˜… ...but you will never get bored with me.

    Nerds biko apply ejoπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ. I am nerding up.


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