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Typical Guys A Naija Girl Is Bound To Meet

In our pursuit to find "The One", ladies will encounter  very different men (there's plenty levels to this right here); some will leave them stunned and others will probably have them taking to their heels.

I had a conversation with a girlfriend of mine centered around this and I was like "Ahh I need to put this down". After listening to different experiences, some of which cracked my ribs, I could relate to some extent. Sooooo....typical guys an average nigerian lady will meet in her lifetime:

1) WhatsApp Relationship Type: Please what's that oh? The relationship starts and ends on whatsapp abi? If you have just met this type that has no plans on being a serious somebody, throw the whole of him away..#Issamumu

2) The FWB-Intended-Type: So that's how one was doing crush on a girl, dropping lines and getting close only to turn around and say he just wanted to be friends with benefits. Oloriburuku!! If that's what you wanted, say it from the very beginning.

3) Church Guys: These ones are the worst oh. All they want is pumpum. That Brother Solo always seems to be in the spirit with his two hands in the air worshipping God doesn't mean he's not the devil that someone brought to church. One was after a friend, kept on pressing for the cookie, next thing dude was married! Sisters run!!

4) The Igbo Guys They Match-Make: Many of us know this type. The one family and friends try to match make. Most of them just want a maid and reproductory factory for a wife; someone to cook, clean, lord over and have children with.

5) The Affectionate But Not Ambitious Type: This type breaks my heart. Those in this category tend to be every girl's dream man; attentive, great cook, great gist and gossip partner and of course, totally awesome in bed. But then they lack ambition and ladies usually get turned on by a man with great ambitions, one who isn't comfortable with being basic. (Except the girl is basic sha)

6) The Needy/Too-Nice Guys: Ha! I don't know oh but somehow I like a guy that needs me. Then again, there is such a thing as being too needy or too nice (I guess). Someone had an experience where this dude who was an orphan finished her with attention (but isn't that what we say we want?). In her case she felt she had this huge responsibility filling up the gap for his mum. Chillleeee she even lied to him that she cheated and brother came begging her regardless (insert shocked face here). For some ladies though, this is their dream man no?

7) The Yoruba Demons: Duh??!! Need I say more? Take off your shoes and run as fast as you can before they play ten-ten with your destiny.

8) The Lost Chosen One: You know? The man we thought was the one, perfect all around, family loved you, some of yours adored him; but due to religious/tribal differences it just had to end....Sad!

9) The Woman Wrapper: Refer to the comment in number 7

10) The One with Fine Boy Syndrome: This one thinks he can have his way because of his looks and of course what he has has. In the name of Jesus, receive sense now!!!!!

11) The Once-Ready-But-No-More-Ready-For-A-Relationship Guy: This type will come and profess undying love for you, keep pressing you to accept them and when you finally manage to do so, they come up few weeks later with the excuse that they are not mentally ready or are not in a good place right now for a serious relationship...Mtschew! It's like they are following you from your village.

12) The Broke One Who Never Pays For Dates: no need to talk plenty, Dump his ass immediately you see he is this type.

13) The Stingy type: I love a man who isn't afraid to spend a little on his woman. Not that the woman will finish his money, but brother release your aka gum hand and spoil her small. If you are still with a stingy uncle, perform disappearing act right now.

14) The Real Deal: THE ONE!! No gimmicks, no games, no issues with religion and tribe, may not be perfect but he's a perfect imperfection..the true love that's come to stay.

Doubt I have exhausted the list so feel free to let me and other blog readers know more😉
Talk, with no one else but your girl Krystal💫


  1. Well done girl... This piece is good and real as day

  2. The Emotional Unavaible kind of guy: Run from this one oh. They are usually sweet and withdrawn at the same time. They give you attention and disappear. Then you start falling for them and boom they tell you they are not ready to feel anything. They just got out of a relationship and their heart is really sore at the moment. So sorry they not ready for a real relationship.
    Annoying thing is they won't leave you alone..

    1. This 👏👏👏if they wont leave you alone, leave them alone! Block them off. Well said

    2. "they won't leave you alone"!

  3. I love this piece✌...kudos girl.

    The type that don't plan for the future. They make money today and spend it all before you say jack and is broke again the next minute....they may spend it on you, themselves or on useless friends which only hangs around when they smell money. When you advise them, they will tell you that money will always come but this life is once so they need to live it well.

    - Oma

  4. Nice piece.
    The cock blockers they know the don't want to be serious but they don't want you going no where.
    The grown baby.
    Can't do anything without the approval of his guys or family and then you have to follow through with decisions that where not originally his.
    The food monger to
    Babes thumbs up.

  5. Most guys have ran through minimum of 4 numbers before finally becoming 14. Its a metamorphosis. Lucky if they find the last stage guy.

  6. The zoning guys.. The ones that will give you hopes and end up friendzoning or sister zone you after reaping some sort of benefit

  7. The ones that think they are trying their best when in real fact you haven't archived anything. Since you've been with them! And they hardly spoil you but yet expect more from you hmmm just dummed the ass now phwee am free


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