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To Love and To Cherish - A Val's Day Special

Yay! Happy St. Valentine’s day my darlings. I know I know, today is Ash Wednesday as well and it begins the season of Lent. So most of you that are Catholics like me better make it top priority to go to church and be reminded that we are dust and shall return to dust one day.

Even though we’d be in a sober mode of reflection, doesn’t change the fact it’s a day many people around the world express their deepest affections for their loved ones. I’m a huge sucker for love, a hopeless romantic. Seeing people in love gives me some sort of joy and satisfaction. If you’re single you don’t need to feel any type of way, LOVE IS LOVE. You have family and friends who truly love you; so seek them out and send all the love and appreciation to them for always being there.

For today’s post, I chose to make it an expression of love to mine and those of others as well. Think of it as a collection of love notes. And hey, if someone wrote you one on this space, you really are a special kind of human…Here goes…


My Snuggle Bug,

Our first Val of many to come with us together... If I could, I would serenade you with love notes every single minute of the day. Words do no justice to the amazing person and kind hearted/selfless lover that you are.

The happiness you have given me is incomparable to any other feeling I have ever experienced. With you I’m myself and you should know by now you’re the very reason my eyes sparkle with glee.

Together we make magic (seriously if we had a show it’d be sensational). Your refusal to let me push you away says a lot about your determination and persistence.

Your love gives me hope that the best is still ahead. Just when I think I’ve seen all the best you could possibly offer, you surprise me the slightest chance you get.

I had forgotten what real, sincere and pure love could feel like, not until you came bringing down all my walls and defenses. I wouldn’t change a thing about you or the memories we have already made together.

Thank you for seeing me when I was invincible. Thank you for loving me even when I couldn’t find reasons to love myself. Thank you for making me feel I was worth the whole world even though I painted a picture to turn you away. Thank you for always believing in me and for always being so proud of me

Loving you has been a transformation for me. You motivate and inspire me and drill me to become a stronger and more confident woman.

My funny Valentine, you make me smile with my heart. I fall in love with you all over again every single day and I can only hope that I give you just as much joy and peace as you have given me. The fact I have you makes everything it took to get here very much worth it. Thick or thin, rain or sun, I wholeheartedly without a doubt love you baby cakes.

Now and Always,
Your Kris.

They say life is a journey, and one laced with moments of regret. There will be occurrences you wish didn’t happen and the decisions you wish you didn’t make. Given the chance one would go back in time and do it all differently. One thing I would never change for all the world is the day I met you and when I decided to love you. There’s no greater treasure than having a great woman like you in my life, and everyday I give God thanks for finding me worthy of a wife like you. Every single day with you is Valentine’s, so happy everyday my darling. I love you infinitely.

Xoxoxo KayKay

I Love You. This is something that I cannot say enough, for when I look at you I realize how perfect you are and nothing that I do can ever be enough. Happy Val’s Day Cee


To my best friend
You are a gem but you don’t know it. You have potential to be a great woman but you can’t see it. Your artistic hands are out of this world. Although I don’t say it a lot, I am happy to have you in my life. Bestie for life. Love you boo. Happy Val’s day angel.


A Thousand Wishes Running Through My Head Watching Lovers Hold Hands, Share Kisses and Spend This Special Day Together...
With You So Far Away All I Can Do Is Wish....
Wish That I Could Wake You Up in The Morning With Your Favorite Breakfast in Bed With The Amount Of Roses we’ve Been Happy Together.

... Wish That I can make and pack you lunch to take to work and slip in a couple Love notes to keep you smiling and thinking about me All day, and perhaps a throwback picture of the first time we kissed as your screensaver.

... wish that I can take you out for dinner tonight with you looking pretty in that Tight red dress we bought last valentine... the one with the slit that makes you look even sexier than the FrenchMan’s Wife from the matrix Cos you know I love Monica Belluci.

... Wish That after dinner we can take a walk in the night holding hands with our shoes off and a bottle of wine...talking about all the beautiful fantasies of our future together while we drink our red wine from the bottle... and you belch out loud knowing it will annoy me but I kiss you anyways.

... Wish that I could take you home and make sweet love to you from the second we shut the door behind us...ripping off our clothes like it was our first time but attentive to each other like every kiss Came with a thousand memories of love

...Wish That I could hold you naked in my arms lying in bed all night while you sleep and I stare at your beautiful face asking God how I got so lucky to run into you spilling coffee on your pink cardigan and eventually leading to you falling in love with me

....Wish I could have a wish to make all My Wishes Come True and Through... But you are so far away in a place I can’t be, and all I can do is wish you a happy Valentine’s Day and say under my breath I LOVE YOU.



Dear wife, Thanks For Being a Part Of My Life. You have Made It So Much Better Than It Ever Was. I See you even With Closed Eyes and i Find you In Every Thought just as i Live For you In all Moments. To you belongs my love
You are the only one that I want. your smiles make me glad, I am convinced that
You are the best gift I ever had. With you I have learned that Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get but only with what you are expecting to give, which is everything.
Truthfully  I have a heart  But Now It Has Gone From Me To You, Care For It, Just Like I Do, Because I Have No Heart & You Have Two. Even though I may not be your first kiss, first date or first sight, it is with great enthusiasm that I yearn to be your last everything. Mma Mara mma, Will you be my valentine?



I just want to remind you that you have been a priceless jewel.

I thank God everyday for causing our paths to cross, for the love that exists between us, for the happy moments and the great bonding

U have been such a wonderful wife, friend, lover, companion and helper.

The times following when I met you have been wonderful.

I am so delighted and satisfied having you as my wifey.

It couldn’t have been better.

Happy Val.




My beloved and favorite,

I will never be able to tell you how much you’ve come to mean so much more to me, even if I want to start describing it.

Lying down on the couch and reminiscing, I've come to see how you have added meaning to my life as you’ve made it so much more beautiful than it used to be.

Innumerable times you’ve showed me care and love; you’ve given me the courage and strength to keep getting back on my feet whenever life’s challenges presses heavily on me and I feel like giving up.

In your bosom I find the solace and protection that I have always craved for. Loving you has propelled me to see the world in another perspective.

With you, I know how it feels to be loved by someone in a way that surpasses every human understanding.

The love that runs through my heart for you exceeds every other feeling that I have ever felt for anyone else.

With you life is full of expectancies and pleasurable experiences.
You have made my life so much simpler and easier,  and brought out the best in me.

I count myself a very lucky person, because I found and have someone so special like you

Come rain or sunshine, you will always be my sugar loops, and I will cherish and adore you with every breath in me.
I love you so much to the moon and back.

Your Yogurberry.

Hey T,

So it's the first valentine for both of us. Starting off as friends was one of the best things I could have asked for (even though it was not funny at first).
I have watched you grow into an exceptional young man, and in growing you have proved to me that the best things really do take time. You have cared for me like no one else has, sometimes in the most annoying way🙄. You have carried my matter on your head and I am truly grateful.
You deserve every good thing in life and I know I can't say it enough. You make this our distance love so easy for both of us.
I love your calmness, I love that we can have the weirdest conversations and I love that you don't mind having a crazy girl beside you. I love how proud you are of me😍
I love that you finally decided to lift the friend-zone ban.
You make me exceptionally happy!
With you i have found a good thing!
It truly was worth the wait!
Happy Valentine's Day T!❤

Your "Awesome One"


To Pancakes
For a long time, I have never felt anyone was mine alone. You came into my life and I was so sure 'you're mine'. Your actions showed it. The words you spoke were my truth. I laughed more and glowed more. A calmness made for my chaotic life. The way you look at me,  the way you snore.
I'm not sure I can fix things this time because for the first time, I heard doubts in your voice. And it broke me to thousand pieces. I could take it all back, all that was said and all that isn't worth where we are now.
But on this day of love. I hope you remember it fondly and know how much I love you. And I hope you get this thinking about me in the same tone.
                   From Muse💕

Love notes so beautiful I'm tearing up. Feel free to keep them coming and let your special someone know how you're feeling today



  1. Innovative and super exciting

  2. Amazing! Actually got teary eyed reading some of them. Amazing job girl! Super proud of you. Happy Valentine's Day❤


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