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Yoohooo wataguan sweethearts? How you holding up? It is with great amusement that I bring to you this session of Real Talk. I had wanted to make a video for this one, but mischief won’t let a sister be great. Without much-a-do, let’s get right into it.

The other day I came across a tweet a girl posted and I quote “If only people knew that a man’s G-spot is in his anus, even men don’t know this or want to believe this, because they think it’s gay, but it’s 100% true”. The way I went “ewwwww”… was something I could not imagine. So I proceeded to share my latest discovery with some of my friends and colleagues. Guys wan mad LMAO. “Gay shii”, “Nasty!”, “God forbid”, they said. I remember a colleague at work said “The day his girl’s hands mistakenly try to hover around that area he’d probably break up with her”.

Hehe! Let me officially break it to you now that it is 101% TRUE (trust me I was just as shocked). I’d give you the gists I heard from guys then the main information. A friend told me that one dude that had a “gay molestation” said he had an orgasm after he was penetrated. YOMANA!! Then another guy said it was very true but I would not find any guy who knows about it that will admit it because of the type of questions that will follow. He went on to say one can’t get a guy to climax just by stimulating his anus but it does make orgasms more intense. He claimed it’s actually the pelvic muscle; there’s a hard spot that lines the region between the rectum’s outer wall and the pelvic floor muscle. So if a girl (or guy..ehehh) applies pressure there when the guy is close, it holds his climax back a bit building it up because they’re basically fighting against the gland trying to push sperm out. Then when it’s at an unbearable point, you release the pressure and bros will cum like a volcano. According to him, for some people pressing the spot between his nutsack and his anus opening (the part with wrinkled looking skin and a line that leads to the center of his balls) will have same effect, but for some guys, the external press works just fine but they get a much more intense experience with the rectal insertion.

Waaoooww! I don’t know if your eyes opened up like mine did when I first got told all this. I had to check on this, ask questions and confirm it’s actually so. And to my surprise, it really is. A guy’s G-spot is actually his prostate gland.

This mind blowing walnut sized magic gland has been known to send guys (gay or not) to Cloud 10 and above. The prostate gland produces mad intense orgasms that if your girl got to that spot, people in the next state will hear you moan the heck out of pleasure. This gland is about two/three inches inside the male rectum (yep, up in his bum), between the bladder and urethra; behind the anal wall in the direction of the belly button. Like my friend was trying to explain in lay man’s terms, it serves like a crossroad guard between urination and ejaculation. The easiest way to stimulate this wonder spot is to press gently on the skin between uncle’s balls and anus referred to as perineum or taint. Your girl massaging this spot gently and giving it extra attention just before you climax does a lot in adding head-bursting intensity to your orgasm. So ladies if you’re all up for rocking his world, the second you sense he’s about to unleash his white showers, press the area one pulse every second until he climaxes. If you’re reaching for a more intense form of prostate stimulation, nne chook ya fingers in his anus (HAHAHAHA). Do this by entering his backside softly using a lube (online sources say the best position to do this is missionary or side-by-side), then curl your finger or fingers in toward the front of his body until you feel a bulb of tissue (his prostate ghen ghen). Begin to tap or press it lightly then go faster and slower at same time. Biko oh! Before you do this make sure oga is okay with it before someone gives you backhand slap on the bed because of ordinary fingering...LMAO

So there you have it. Before you go screaming “GAYYYYY” or “TUFIAKWA”, maybe you should check and see just how this works on your body.
Would I try this with bae? Ermmmm let me get back to you on that one

LOL! Talk with your babygirl, Krystal