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Another 365 days added. I can only be thankful and grateful to still be standing. Grateful because I know I could have crossed over to the other side, considering how much I have battled with depression and suicidal ideation.. I take no shame in this because everyday I don't give in to the dark side is a win for me. It tells me I have much more strength within me than I could possibly imagine and that the Almighty is not done with me.

This year has been somewhat bitter sweet.  Many experiences that have left me stunned, but still have thought me a lot and given me a better perspective to life in general.
So I'd like to take time out to list out everything I'm grateful to God for.

I bless God for being who He is.  I am thankful He works way harder than the devil else I wonder how I'd have survived life.

I am thankful for recent happenings that have shown me people are not whom they seem to be. I bless God because these people are instrumental in what He's shaping m…