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Another 365 days added. I can only be thankful and grateful to still be standing. Grateful because I know I could have crossed over to the other side, considering how much I have battled with depression and suicidal ideation.. I take no shame in this because everyday I don't give in to the dark side is a win for me. It tells me I have much more strength within me than I could possibly imagine and that the Almighty is not done with me.

This year has been somewhat bitter sweet.  Many experiences that have left me stunned, but still have thought me a lot and given me a better perspective to life in general.
So I'd like to take time out to list out everything I'm grateful to God for.

I bless God for being who He is.  I am thankful He works way harder than the devil else I wonder how I'd have survived life.

I am thankful for recent happenings that have shown me people are not whom they seem to be. I bless God because these people are instrumental in what He's shaping me for. You may write me down in history, with your bitter and twisted lies. You may tread me in the very dirt.  But still like dust, I'll rise. You may  shoot me with your words, cut me with your eyes and kill me with your hatefulness. But still like air I'll rise. - Maya Angelou. 

I specially want to thank Abba Father for the gift of my family. I could not have had a better one. I'm thankful for the love and support I receive everyday, for the strength I draw from them to keep forging on; for the unwavering faith in whom they know I am destined to be. I love you Dad, Mum, Lex my twinny, Mandy, Kyrian and Mitchy. God bless and keep you for me.. Amen.

I am so very thankful for the gift of love God shaped in human form and gave to me. A man with a good head on his neck. A man that sees beyond what others choose to see, someone that values me even more than I value myself. Someone who has been my rock, my cheerleader, my number 1 fan, my favorite student(lol), my hero, mentor and motivator. Someone whose undying love and loyalty leave me in awe on a daily. I'm thankful that I have the real deal... True love. Something some people will never ever have or would work their whole life to find. I'm beyond blessed that he makes me the envy of every eye...NE, some days I don't think you are human. I feel you are my guardian angel God sent me.  It's been over a year and still it seems like I fall deeper in love with you with each day that passes. I thank God for you babe. I bless him for bringing you to me and vice versa. I love you.

As much as I am thankful for those I have lost, I am also thankful for the amazing friends I have made in this journey. I know how I can be a handful... But these people have made me family.. I am thankful for bringing down my walls and forming a bond and having a village that supports me... I'm specially thankful for Ifeatu, Iphie, Oma, Phina, Wendie, Olumide, Martins, Philemon and Cathy (to mention but a few)

I can't forget to be thankful for new relationships fostered. People who have inspired me and have felt inspired by me. People I never knew had love for me and showed it to me when it mattered. I bless God for are a reminder that there's hope in humanity after all. That people could still be fair and objective in their doings. May people speak up for you when needed and may no foul mouth speak evil against you.

Dear God, I'm so so thankful for Yoga With Krys; for its inception;for bringing it to fruition; for the direction you are taking this project to; for the international yoga community, for the connections and relationships being fostered; for your unending grace and favour where YWK is concerned. I know you're just getting started with this and you're about to shock me beyond human understanding and imagination. Let your love guide this and Let your greatness blind the enemy.

I'm most thankful for my sister and birthday mate, Mrs Alexis Oti(nee Ofodum). The yin to my yang. My role model. God knew what he was doing when he said we should be born same day lol. Who better to celebrate with?  I love you baby.Thanks for being you, for being a great sister, my confidante and one of my best friends. I wish you unending joy today and always. May your feet never strike a stone. May your days be fulfilled.. You will live long and prosper in the land of the living. Happy Beautiful birthday twinnie. Happy Birthday to us.

Thankful that I am not a perfect being, I am flawed; but also trying to be a better version of myself each day is a manifestation of His glory. I'm a wonder of His creation....A Perfect Imperfection.

With a thankful heart,  I sign out..LOL. Happy Glorious Birthday To Me, Krys, God's own baby girl  πŸ˜‹ (Alex you're God's own too oh but sha gaan write it by yourself  πŸ˜„πŸ˜„)


  1. Happy birthday God's first daughter.


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